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About Ferocia Fatale

Ferocia Fatale is a style, travel, and lifestyle design blog started by me, Kelli Anne, in 2009 when I went on my first trip to Asia. Since then I have used this space to chronicle my outfits, multiple trips to different destinations around the world, as well as my simple everyday musings.

I am a Jersey girl with zest for life and a passion for fashion. ‘Ferocia’ was a term my friends and I used to throw around for something or someone who was inconceivably fierce, and the name just stuck. Ferocia Fatale? That’s me!

I believe that style & travel are not solely reserved for the wealthy.  I believe that a little gratitude, positivity, and some hand work can take the every girl anywhere she wants to go.

Loves: Retro-anything, Hollywood both new and old, New York City, fashion, coffee, reading, and trottin the globe!

Follow my adventures on Twitter @FerociaFatale