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Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Fashion Friday, Featured | 0 comments

Just Fab Review

Spring is the season of flowers, sunshine, bridal showers, communions, rehearsal dinners, and weddings. I have been scouting the internet high and low for the perfect clutches, dresses, and shoes to get me through this event-filled season, which led me to, so I wanted to share my experience for any ladies in need of some retail therapy!

Shipping was extremely quick! Ordered on a Tuesday and received shoes by Saturday!

On JustFab you can buy shoes for $49.95 a pair. However, if you sign up online, all of the pairs are marked down to $39.95, and you get access to further sales and promotions that they offer. Every month they will set up a little online boutique of shoes they think that you will like.

Now here is the catch- every month they will charge you $39.95 as a credit to buy a pair of shoes, unless you ‘opt’ out of the month. There is no obligation to buy though, you can opt out without penalty as many months as you want and still keep the ‘VIP’ membership access benefits. So, my tip is to set your calendar every month to remind you to decide if you want to opt out. If you are not the kind of person who can keep up with that sort of thing, then don’t sign up!

I signed up for the membership, and the first pair of shoes that you buy is 50% off. Then combined with all of these extra promotions and sales they were running, I bought three pairs of shoes for a total of $49.90! Kind of…insane. I never, ever buy shoes online because I never know how they will fit, but I just could not resist these new spring styles at such a killer price. The great thing about JustFab is that they have great customer reviews, and allow customers to note if the shoe should be purchased half a size up/down/or true to size based on their experience. This eased my nerves a little about buying shoes online, but I was still willing to take a risk.

From L to R the ‘Jane’, ‘Carilo’, and ‘Elisha’ shoes I purchased on JustFab!

My shoes finally came, and to my surprise all three pairs fit great! I am so happy with each pair!

These are the ‘Elisha’s. Beautiful summer wedge!

The Elisha’s were the first pair I wanted. I’m so glad wedges are in style because they are so comfortable, and I look for lower heels since I am already pretty tall. I read that the Elisha’s run true to size, if not slightly big, so I bought them in my true size, 8.5. They fit great!

The perfect summer wedding shoe!

I saw the ‘Carilo’s and HAD to have them. I have been seeing this shoe style everywhere, these heels look so delicate, I knew they would be the perfect shoe for a summer wedding I have coming up. These I purchased a half a size up in a 9.

The fit could be slightly better, but they fit as good as I expect any shoe of this style to fit me. They look so feminine! I love them!

The JustFab ‘Janes’.

Last I purchased the ‘Jane’s, a shoe I knew would be a summer staple that I could wear with any dress. They are really cute neutral shoes.  Super pretty! I am positive I will get a ton of use out of them.

I had great success with JustFab! I would definitely recommend them to any lady looking for some great spring or summer shoes. I can’t wait to purchase more pairs from them. Hopefully the ones that I bought will stand the test of time….to be continued!
Would you buy shoes from JustFab? Let me know your experience with them below!
Thanks for reading!
Note: JustFab did NOT sponsor this review, all opinions are my own.  

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