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Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Beauty, Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Julep Maven Beauty Subscription Box Review

I had a professor in college who always used to laugh about how most people don’t believe that advertising works on them- because A.) If it didn’t work there wouldn’t be a billion-dollar market for it, and B.) If you don’t think it works on you, then they are doing it right! Well allow me to be the first to admit that these darn Facebook ads that are catered to your personal taste/searches have totally got me pegged! A Facebook ad is how I found (read my review of my first purchase here) and when I saw a recent ad for a free Julep Maven box pop up…I totally fell for it and ordered one.

Julep Maven is another one of these monthly-subscription boxes, similar to Birchbox. The difference between Julep and JustFab is that they send beauty products, and also you can’t opt out every month. It’s $24.99 + free shipping to receive a variety of free beauty products every month, but the first box is free and you can cancel at any time.  Of course, I had to try it!

These are the different style profiles, I was the “It” girl! I’ll take it!

You take a style quiz when you first log in, and I was the ‘Style It Girl’ always willing to try new products. Each outcome leads to a different type of box you’ll receive. Since my It Girl status hedged on trying new trends, I was going to receive new three nail polishes, but other boxes are two polishes and a beauty product, etc.

Frankly I find their website kind of confusing. They say that you can customize your box, but there are different levels of customization. I thought that meant that the three polishes I saw online are what I was getting, but they sent me three different ones from what I saw online, so that confused me. I find their system a little more complicated than necessary. Currently, you can swap out different products in your monthly box, you can also do “add ons” for an extra price, but you can also just purchase other products, that aren’t add ons, but are still at a different special price…if it sounds a little confusing, that is because I am telling you it is! But on to the product:

Oh. Em. Gee. you guys! First of all, adorable shipment as you can see from the pictures above! The packaging hits the nail on the head (pun intended.) The box was colorful and came with little nail files, a little quote, and a 50% off coupon for the second box (so that has certainly swayed me to subscribe another month…damn you advertising geniuses!) Update Note: I ended up not being able to use the coupon on the second box–or if I was somehow able to, I could not figure it out. I still ordered one more monthly box, and an additional nail polish (but not an add on ((?)) for next month…and then I’m canceling…I swear!

The polishes are so bright and glossy! The blue shade, ‘Margaret’ is just a plain blue gloss, but the other two have an iridescent sheen to them. They just look chic, like those Butter nail polishes. I couldn’t wait to try them! So how was the actual formula?

You can even swatch the top! How cute is that?? No need for grocery/drugstores to have little dollops of nail polish all over their displays!

Incredible!! I can’t lie to you, these are the best nail polishes I think I have ever worn. The polish was so pigmented, I barely needed a second coat. It dried so fast, and I have barely experienced any chipping whatsoever after days. I always seem to have trouble with nail polish chipping, and no joke my nails look salon-quality days later.

I’m so impressed. I can’t tell you how amazing the quality is. In full disclosure, I have not tried the other two colors yet because I am enjoying my ‘Margaret’ mani so much, but I have VERY high hopes!

This is five days later! Mani still going strong!

As mentioned above, as much as I enjoy these shades and their adorable packaging, I will be canceling the subscription. I love the formulas but what gal needs THREE new nail polishes every single month? Sure you pick up a cute bottle every now and again, but three bottles a month is 36 bottles in a year. Nail polish bottles last a long time! I only change my polish roughly once a week, sometimes every two. I just cannot justify spending $25.00 a month for so much polish, but I am happy to have tried it!
Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? What do you think of Julep Maven? Share below!!

 Update: Since trying this product, I have test-driven the pink shade featured below, and while cute and long lasting, it is certainly more sheer than the blue shade. Still cute though! 

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