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Posted by on May 3, 2014 in Brooklyn, Featured, Gardens, Travel | 0 comments

Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical

Every year the Brooklyn Botanical Garden holds a ‘Sakura Matsuri’ festival to celebrate the blooming cherry blossoms in the park. The festival draws huge crowds every year. My beau and I went two years ago and it was a blast- you can read my previous post about the festival here. This year, we were unable to make it to the actual festival, however we headed out to Brooklyn the following weekend with our fingers crossed that some trees would still be in bloom.



Luckily for us, they were just as spectacular as ever. There is nothing like the fragrant air of a field of cherry blossoms.



During the festival they have Japanese food, cherry blossom kombucha, tons of people dressed up as geishas and cosplayers. It’s a very good time, but I have to say this weekend the park was a little less crowded, and that certainly felt nice! The price was also slightly cheaper than I remember it being for the festival. I have to say, going the weekend after the festival might not be such a bad idea…

It’s pretty impossible to get photos without a zillion people in the background!

Oh and just to note…the rest of the Botanical Garden isn’t too bad either…


It was beautiful! Thanks for reading! 


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