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Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Travel | 0 comments

A Few Travel Tips: Get the Best Airline Price

Recently I received a call from a family member looking for some of my best tips to get a good price booking an upcoming trip. While I have shared some of my best tips on the blog before, I decided it was time for a little refresher course! Looking for the best price for your next vacation? Here are some of my favorite little tidbits to remember when booking a trip:

It matters when you look- Prices not only fluctuate based on the days you want to fly, they also fluctuate during the week you are searching for them. Most people book trips on the weekends during their free time, or after work. Prices for flights may be cheaper at times when fewer people are looking, like very late at night or in the middle of a weekday. Check prices at different times of the day to see if that makes a difference!

It matters when you fly- Flight prices are much more expensive to fly in or out Saturday-Monday. Most Americans need to get back to work Monday morning, so weekend flight prices sky rocket. Usually flying in or out on a Tuesday or Wednesday is much cheaper. Keep in mind, however, that hotel prices are also higher on the weekend, so if you are flying Wednesday-Wednesday, you may be shelling out a bit more for your hotel stay.

Always compare prices- If you are flexible about what airline you will fly, there are some great websites out there that you can use to compare airline prices, like or I always fly United, and on their website if you click flexible dates, you can see the entire month that you are looking to travel in, with the price of the flight for every day of the month. Tools like this really give you the ability to compare the prices and see if your trip dates can be tweaked to accommodate the best price.

¬†Check different airports- Where I live, Newark International Airport is the most convenient airport to fly out of– for me and everyone else in New Jersey. This means that their flight prices might be much higher than other local airports. JFK, LaGuardia, Lehigh Valley, and Philadelphia airport are all slightly less convenient, but they may offer better prices. Flying to Los Angeles? It can be a lot cheaper to fly to the smaller Burbank airport than it is to go to the huge hub of LAX, and it’s really not much further.

Those are just a few of my best tips to getting the cheapest airfare! Do you have some secrets and tips? I would love to hear them!!

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