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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Beauty | 0 comments

My WEN Experience: Part II

This post is a WEN update, but combined with some other hair-related beauty news that is all tied together…you’ll see what I mean!

As some of you may remember, a few months ago I picked up WEN with the intention to get healthier hair that would grow faster. I have been on a never-ending quest for longer hair, and nothing that I tried seemed to work. My hair was pretty damaged and dry. I personally knew three people who had had exceptional results with WEN, so I took the plunge.You can read my initial post here.

Through the end of March I had a post queued up about this great WEN breakthrough I had, and how the process was going so far. The only thing stopping me from publishing that post was that I forgot to take ‘Before’ pictures of my hair, so I was hoping to get a few photos to post for that update.

But here’s the deal: I started WEN in late February. What I have noticed is that I have less dandruff, and I can go much longer between shampoos because my scalp almost never gets greasey. My scalp is loving WEN, which is awesome. However, the rest of my hair is about the same in terms of cracked, brittle, dryness. My friends that use WEN have the softest, longest hair that is so shiny and beautiful. That has definitely not been the case for me so far. The two people I know who have used it with that success, however, both have very fine hair. I have very thick, sometimes wild, unmanagable at-times hair, so I am wondering if this has something to do with my lack of results.

….Then…I just got tired of waiting, guys! I feel like all I have ever wanted is long hair. I’ve cut it regularly, not cut it at all, tried biotin, vitamins, lessening my hot tool usage, split end menders, nothing works. I was just getting so fed up with my hair. I couldn’t do anything with it and it wasn’t getting better. So, ladies- I got hair extensions! I did all of my research, scoured blogs, read Amazon reviews, watched Youtube videos– I purchased clip in hair extensions and I seriously could not be happier!

I will do a separate review of my new hair extensions, but the point is that I have some long hair now, no thanks to WEN! I may buy one more bottle of WEN to see if I really do get any long term results, but so far I am not impressed, especially considering how much it costs. At $40 a bottle, my hair would really need to be looking amazing for me to continue WENning.

The one WEN tip I did learn along the way is you REALLY do have to use the recommended amount. I know that sounds obvious, but when you see that the suggested pumps are 12-14 for medium length hair, just try to hold back a scoff. When you use too little WEN, your hair will feel coated in product, weighed down, and weird. That makes you feel like you used too much, because the product is still there. However, if you use the appropriate amount, your hair will feel totally normal. Also, you really do have to get some elbow grease in and scrub your scalp. There is no lather to do it for you, so if you don’t dig in deep, the product won’t spread. It is a little extra work in the shower.

So that’s my WEN update…so far…meh. But hair extensions? AMAZING! More on that soon….stay tuned!

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