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Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Books and Movies, Gardens, Inspiration, Interior Design, Life | 0 comments

Lately Loving

I still have the Queen Bey’s album on repeat.

Lately loving my new “I Woke Up Like Dis” tee that I bought on Etsy. Flawless.

Loving Central Park in the sunshine. There is no where better.

Black bean hummus and avocado on Whole Wheat at Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park.

Loving outdoor dining. It’s seriously one of my favorite things!

Framing black and white postcards adds an easy touch of class to any decor! It’s cheaper than buying prints!

Love framing beautiful post cards to have around the home. This girl in a tutu leaning over a pinball machine was too cute to pass up- it looks perfect on my dresser.

Love love loved this book, The Aviator’s Wife, a fictional biography of Charles Lindbergh’s wife, Ann Lindbergh. The bones of the book are factually accurate, including how Ann took many of Charles’ most famous trips around the world with him, had her own pilot’s license, and was one of the first women to para glide! I couldn’t put the book down, I would highly recommend it!

Skylands Manor, at the NJ Botanical Garden in Ringwood…spectacular!

Loving this castle, Skylands Manor, at the New Jersey Botanical Garden. The stuff of dreams.

Happy Spring!

Lastly, as usual, loving my spring blooms!


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