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Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Alexander McQueen, Angelina Jolie, Celebrities, Designers, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons, Hollywood | 1 comment

Oscar 2014 Red Carpet

One of my favorite fashion events of the season happened last night! I have a blog if not for anything else than to talk Oscar fashion! I was live-tweeting up a storm last night during, what I thought, may have been the best Oscar red carpet in YEARS. First I tuned into E! network, but for some strange reason half way through the carpet they stopped the live interviews and started doing this boring panel hashing out the fashion that already happened. They stop at the most inopportune time, because the guests arriving get more and more famous as the night wears on. I don’t know if they have some contract issue or what, but they missed out on some of the best dresses! I promptly switched to ABC for the rest of the telecast.


This was some of the best Oscar fashion we have seen in a long time. A good variety of colors and silhouettes, although you can still see some major trends emerging.  A big trend was glitzy, glittery gowns, best displayed by Cate Blanchett above in Armani Prive. Blue Jasmine was a phenomenal film and she deserved every accolade. I LOVE this gown!

I rarely love a column dress but this was spectacular on Naomi Watts!


Angelina is perfect, as always.

Those were some more shimmery metallic gowns! Each of these women stunned!!

Another look that I loved was Sandra Bullock in a navy blue gown by Alexander McQueen. Sandra looks like a true movie star! This dress is timeless.

I do not own any of these images.

One actress who had mixed reviews on Twitter was Kerry Washington’s Jason Wu gown. Aside from it being slightly wrinkled, I loved it. The hair was perfect, the lip was a vampy choice for a maternity look, I thought it was a bold move! Kerry looked fabulous.

There were not a lot of red carpet looks that I hated, but there were many ‘meh’ moments. Amy Adams was very disappointing. Her navy dress didn’t look bad, just boring, especially for a nominee. I expected more from Amy!

I really wanted to love Jennifer Lawrence in Dior, but I don’t, for a few reasons. First of all, both the color and silhouette are VERY similar to Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton just two years ago (and Michelle looked better….sorry):

Also the backwards necklace bit was cool last year, very fresh. I thought it looked interesting with such a long necklace at the time, but twice now to the Oscars? I don’t know. The coraley-orange color looked great on her, but the overall look just appeared like an amalgamation of things I had already seen before. Again, it was not a bad look, I just wanted more.

The ultimate in “Meh.”

Rachel Zoe may be sleeping on the job, because Jennifer Garner looked too great either. Onto my official Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Superlatives! Drum Roll Please…..

Best Couple: Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudekis -
These two really wowed me! Olivia Wilde had this 1960s glamour goddess thing going, and I was wildly attracted to Jason Sudekis like never before. The facial hair, the navy suit. It was all kinds of good. Major A+ for two divine looking people!

What I Would Wear: Chrissy Teigan
I always like to pick out what I would wear on the red carpet if I were to attend, and this year I had to go with Chrissy Teigan in Monique Lhuillier. I loved this floral dress, she looked both chic and comfortable (it had pockets!). Plus I loved her hair down in long waves, I think that more attendees should wear their hair down. I might be alone here, but it was one of my favorite looks!


Honorable Mention: Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson kind of came out of left-field looking flawless in Atelier Versace. There was no other dress on the red carpet that looked like this. The unique silhouette, plunging neckline, and beautiful metallic made this dress just perfection. I did not expect to think Kate Hudson was one of the best dressed, so she definitely deserves an honorable mention!

I really don’t like this dress.

Worst Dressed: Anna Kendrick
I would like to reiterate, there were really no looks that I found atrocious. But if I had to pick a Worst Dressed, it would be Anna Kendrick in a hot mess dress by J Mendel. The strange neckline, the pleating, the weird middle bejeweled lace piece, the slit. There is just way too much happening here. I have nothing good to say about this look. Thumbs down! And finally….

 Best Dressed: Lupita N’yongo (duh)

I mean, is this even a question? LUPITA N’YONGO! Lupita was a vision in “Nairobi Blue” Prada. Lupita has been slaying every red carpet all season long, so she was easily the most anticipated on the red carpet, and she did NOT disappoint. Everything about this look is perfect. I cannot get enough of her! Her speech was so sweet too!  I was so happy to watch her win! She simply sparkled, hands down, best dressed!


Jaw-dropping beauty.

Who was your best and worst dressed? I am dying to know! Share with me below!

1 Comment

  1. Great Oscars and great blog! I agree with your choices, but one. I would choose Kate Hudson as Best Dressed for the night. Although I do love Lupita’s gown, I just believed that Kate looked more put together. Gloria would have been my Honorable Mention. Again, great blog!!

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