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Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Fashion Friday, Travel | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Kendra Thornton Fashion Challenge

This Fashion Friday look is brought to you by a contest for the sake of style! I was contacted by travel expert and television personality Kendra Thornton to participate in a Fashion Contest she is running to help style her look for an upcoming trip to Epcot! Kendra is looking for a few fashion and travel bloggers to help her create the perfect looks to get her through a Florida vacation! I know how hard it can be to pack for an Orlando vacation, so I was happy to share my ideas! See more about the challenge below:

“I am absolutely ecstatic to visit Epcot theme park in Orlando with my family this spring! The only aspect I am not very thrilled with is my wardrobe. I am asking some of my favorite bloggers for fashion help! This contest is called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” I knew that bloggers such as  Kelli Anne could help me find the right styles, trends and colors that would enhance my personal look! She will be assisting me with a fashion wardrobe in order to look great for my upcoming vacation. 

One of the places that the five of us will be visiting is the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium. The facility is located in Epcot. This aquarium has nearly 6 million gallons of water. That is a humongous amount. Swimming inside this massive amount of water is over 4,000 fish and sea creatures. My children are hoping to touch some of the sea creatures. A place my husband and I are looking forward to visiting is the observation deck, which is located on the second floor. This deck gives people the impression that they are entirely surrounded by sea creatures. Some of the creatures that we will be seeing in action include sharks, angelfish, sea turtles and dolphins. The sea is full of amazing creatures, and we are definitely looking forward to getting a closer look at many of them. The biggest benefit of this is that we do not have to get wet in doing so!

The city of Orlando truly has so many things for families like mine to see and do. Gogobot has helped us plan an amazing itinerary! I am really looking forward to having some outfits that will enhance my Epcot experience, whether I am visiting the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, swimming with my children in a hotel pool or having a romantic dinner with my husband. Whatever the experience is, it is important that I look fantastic for it. With help from my wonderful bloggers, I will truly look the part. Orlando, here I come.”

Here’s what I put together for Kendra’s big day out at the Aquarium:

Keep it classic and easy!

I knew that to get Kendra through her day at the Aquarium she would need something fashionable, yet functional. The day would mostly be walking, and chasing around three kids! I put together a look that screams ‘Effortless chic!’ A little chambray goes a long way! The cross-body bag would hold all of her belongings but still keep Kendra hands-free for aquarium activities. A watch for time-keeping, and some minimal jewels to spice up the look.

Epcot puts on a dazzling show at night, in this outfit Kendra will be ready to enjoy the fireworks with her family!

For a quick night-time outfit change for the dazzling Epcot firework display, all Kendra has to do is throw a maxi skirt over her chambray! A hat and some cute boots to keep more in the more chill night air, and Kendra will be on her way!
What do you think? How would you style Kendra for an Epcot trip?
Thanks Kendra!

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