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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Celebrities, Designers, Events, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons | 0 comments

Fashion Field Trip: Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit

There were a number of exhibits this year that I wanted to see at museums, but the top of the list has been the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. You may remember it from my Top Museum Exhibits To See This Fall post a few months ago! The exhibit has been up since October, and I am sorry to say that it closed this past Sunday. I managed to make it this past Saturday right before it closed, and I was so glad I did!

The exhibit was showing at the Brooklyn Museum, so a girlfriend and I trotted out across Manhattan into Brooklyn to see it early Saturday. The line was pretty long to get a ticket ($15), but that is to be expected when you wait until the last minute. They did allow photos at the exhibit as long as you didn’t use flash, which turned out to be a blessing and a curse. I am so happy I have all of these photos of the magnificent clothing to stare at and share with you! But the downside was that because EVERYONE was allowed to take photos, people really took their time. It got very crowded and very, very warm as you waded through the museum.

I was instantly blown away by the first section. The Brooklyn Museum used incredible technology to project faces onto the mannequins that moved and spoke. The effect was truly magnificent, I had not seen anything like it before. The mannequins looked at you, winked, moved their mouth. It was crazy.

One of our favorite collections that we saw was the Mermaid collection, a scale-y golden group of dresses that stunned. The placards of each piece noted if a celebrity worn the gown. One piece was worn by Marion Cotillard (in white) at the Oscars, and this piece was worn by Beyonce! So I loved it. Obviously.

They also included how many hours it took to make the garment, which for the haute couture pieces was hundreds of hours, sometimes thousands.

A hat or a shirt? Both?

Gaultier has a couple of signatures, including his striped tee that he often wears. I loved these pieces!



This piece was one of my favorites! It looks like metal but is actually made with leather. Madonna wore a black version (also featured in the exhibit but too hard to photograph against black) on her MDNA tour.


Jean Paul Gaultier is iconic in the fashion industry for his corset work, and basically starting the trend of underwear as outerwear. The pieces of his work that highlighted his corsets were surrounded by giant bordello-pink padded walls. This was a cool concept, but the puffy pink fabric walls trapped the heat like you would not believe.

These pieces were actually worn on the original Blonde Ambition tour.


Madonna pops up a lot in the collection, because if you aren’t familiar with Jean Paul Gaultier’s work, he invented the infamous cone bra! Madonna and Gaultier are a perfect provocative pair.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore this to the Met Ball!


This was another favorite of mine.

The entire exhibit is very provocative and punk rock. One room was very punk in particular, and very reminiscent of the McQueen Scottish punk room from that Met exhibit a few years back. This rotating stand allowed you to finally rest in one spot and enjoyed multiple looks at once, which was a nice break!

I was obsessed with this look.

All of the pieces had their own unique touches. You certainly won’t find a sparkly bone corset by any other designer. There were countless different looks, they really jam-packed the exhibit. I was blown away.

I am so glad I got to see this collection! The exhibit ended, but for more information visit:

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