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Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Fashion Friday, Featured | 0 comments

Shop With Me: Peter Pilotto For Target

If you watch any television you have probably seen the beautiful, vibrant commercials for Peter Pilotto for Target. Target’s claimed to fame lately has been it’s incredible designer collaborations. Target has collaborated with everyone from Phillip Lim to Missoni. Peter Pilotto is a designer from London, known for his patterned women’s wear and gorgeous eye wear collections. I have actually never purchased anything from a designer/department store collaboration before, mostly because I feel no need to wait outside a store to get in, nor fight other women for an item (see: Missoni-gate of 2011.) But something about Pilotto’s commercial called to me. When I found myself at Target over the weekend by happenstance, I decided to try on a few pieces from the collection to share with you guys!

Look at these beautiful prints! I found myself falling more and more in love!

The first thing you will notice: the collection is ALL patterns. I really don’t wear that many patterns, so I knew this could really turn up my closet!! Prices are pretty typical for a collaboration at Target, ranging from the mid $20s-high $40s per piece. But you are paying for good quality as well.

Dress Number One!


The first dress I tried on was a belted A-line. I liked this print the least out of all of the pieces, but I thought that maybe it would be the most flattering for my shape. I am a full-figured gal, so most of the pieces I tried on were either a large or an extra large.

You can see how the dress puckers a bit on the shoulders in a weird way.

This dress just fit weird. The upper body was also shaped a bit strange, it just did not look good on me at all. The dress also had a slight hi-low situation, and the front was deceptively short. That is why I ALWAYS try clothes on, no matter what. Sometimes the things you think will look the best look worst, and things you thought you’d never look right in fit like a glove!

Dress Number Two!

Dress two was a sleeveless shift, with some flourish on the bottom. I liked this mixture of prints much better than the floral with the black and white stripe. I have two weddings coming up this year, and for some reason as I tried on other pieces this dress kept sticking out in my mind as something I could maybe wear to a wedding. This is the perfect length, as I don’t like dresses that are too short. There was just something about this dress that I liked! Truthfully, I really wished that the belt from Dress #1 came with Dress #2, I knew if I bought it I would most likely need to belt it. Also good to note: all the dresses are lined!

Next I tried on a short sleeved blouse with the most fun neon yellow and blue print. I loved this shirt, oh how I loved it. The fit across the chest was a little strange again, I don’t know if it was me or the clothes, but something was amiss. I loved it anyway.

Not flattering on me, but still a beautiful piece of clothing.

Then I tried on a different sleeveless blouse that definitely did not fit me right. I am a curvy lady with a wide middle, but this shirt would be adorable on anyone with a more narrow waist. Pilotto’s prints just slay me. As I type this almost three days later, I still am thinking about rushing back to Target for more pieces. Even the pieces that did not fit me appropriately are still drool-worthy.

Dress #2 also came in the neon blue and yellow print, but I thought these colors did not translate as well on a dress. The red and blue are a little more timeless, I can’t see wearing a neon dress to a wedding or other serious functions.


Then I found the mac-daddy of the collection, the dress of my dreams, the print of my fantasies. This collared shift dress was EVERYTHING. I loved the bright blue, the black lace detail on the collar. I could wear this to work in the summer or to the city for brunch.

Here’s an up-close of the detailing on the collar!

Overall, I think this collection was a major win. The prints are so much fun, and the price is right for quality clothes. There were some printed pants in the collection that I did not pick up because I knew I wouldn’t wear them, and there were also some pieces in cotton t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts, that I just did not think were worth the money or time. In the end, what did I purchase?

I left with the second red/navy printed dress and the third collared shift dress!! I wish I could have taken that beautiful neon yellow top with me, but I had to manage my money. I am way impressed with the collection though! See the entire collection at:

What do you think of the Peter Pilotto collection? 

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