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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Featured, Holidays, New York City | 0 comments

What Were You Doing New Years Eve?

I have a confession to make: Despite living a stone’s throw from NYC and living for glamor, I never have fancy plans for New Year’s Eve. I have never been too keen on holidays where you feel pressure to be invited somewhere cool (see also: Halloween). The past four years my beau and I have spent the holiday in our apartment with a bottle of champagne, sharing the night with Andersen Cooper and Kathy Griffin to usher us into the New Year.

As glamorous as it may sound to spend the New Year in flannel pajamas, I jumped at my friend’s invitation to spend New Year’s Eve in their Midtown apartment. It was my first New Years in New York, and it was fabulous!

I took the ferry in around 6pm to avoid any major traffic delays on the road. Before heading to my friend’s apartment we popped over to the Rockefeller Tree. I had already seen the NYC windows this season, but the tree wasn’t lit when I came. The tree all lit up was spectacular, as usual!

Walking from Rockefeller Center to my friend’s apartment was quite an adventure all on its own. The apartment is in midtown and very close to Times Square. Every single street had a barricade with police blocking it, and you were not allowed across town from Fifth Avenue unless you had the specific name of an apartment building to get to or the name of a hotel. Even though the crowds were frustrating to wade through, I definitely felt safe knowing that the NYPD were on every block.

When we finally arrived at my friend’s apartment we had a raucous good time! The champagne was flowing and I ate one too many snacks! I won’t post too many embarrassing pictures of our evening online, but know that I spent most of New Years Day on the couch nursing one mighty hangover to which I am still not really recovered from. The price of youth, I suppose!

Look at all those people!! It goes all the way down the avenue block.

Spending a New Year’s Eve in Times Square has always been on my bucket list. We were only a few short blocks from Times Square with an awesome view, so I feel confidant taking that item off my Bucket List. Not that this is a surprise to anyone, but there were so many loud drunk people on the street. I kept referring to the weird barricades as pig pens. Knowing that I could see Times Square from the roof (we could even hear the cheering from their apartment) and still drink, party, eat, and use a clean restroom was all I could ask for a New York New Years. I’m checking it off the Bucket List, but will I ever actually spend New Years really in Times Square? Never say never!

View of the aftermath from a window!

It was a perfect night. Happy New Year!

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