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Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Aruba, California, Islands, Travel | 2 comments

Travel Dreams for 2014

Early on I learned not to anticipate travel plans for the year too seriously, because they can change in a moment’s notice. For example, I started 2012 with little plans to go anywhere and it ended up being my biggest travel year to date. In 2013 I went to Europe, which is always a large expenditure, so aside from a quick New England getaway that was the only trip I went on. So far for 2014 travel I have a few minor leads, but that won’t stop me from dreaming! While I don’t have any firm travel plans yet, here are a few destinations that have some (even if it’s slight) real possibility for 2014:

I LOVE California

California – If I were to hit the lottery tomorrow, the very first place I would buy a second home is California. There is nothing about that state that I don’t like. Sunshine, beaches, mountains, movie stars. Paradise much? I would go there every chance I get if I could. My beau has some family in Cali and I think that we will end up visiting for a wedding in late Spring. The idea of being on a beach in California is giving me life on these short winter days!

I mean, how good does THIS look right now? Photo from:

Bahamas- I’m dyingggg for an island vacation! Of course Europe is always on my mind, but it really takes a great deal of planning and effort. Right now I would give anything to lounge by an infinity pool and sip a mai tai! My boyfriend has some long-awaited loose ends to tie up, and we always said when this certain project is completed we would celebrate in the Bahamas. I’ve never been before! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the year!

Outside the Bellagio!

Las Vegas- Do you ever just have a place that keeps popping up in your head randomly? No? Just me and other travel obsessed people? Despite having been there twice, lately I can’t stop thinking about Las Vegas. Maybe it’s how accessible it is, but Vegas is on my mind! Perhaps 2014 will bring a long weekend to do some gambling and sunning in the trouble-making capital of the world.

Greece – If I were to go to Europe, Greece is looking more promising than ever. I have a lead in Rhodes, Greece, which a quick Google search will show you is basically heaven on Earth. I don’t know that this will really be my year for Greece, but in the long term I can see it happening! It might not be THIS year, but watch out Rhodes, I’m coming for ya!

Still dreaming of white sand beaches and turquoise water!

If I could snap my fingers tomorrow and be anywhere for a week? It would probably still be the Bahamas. My boyfriend and I could use a romantic getaway and some extra sunshine. Well 2014…let’s see what you can do!


  1. Hey Kelli Anne! Your blog is awesome!!! :)
    Nice destinations!!
    I’ve been to Greece this year and I can totally recommend it!! I LOVED it!
    I’ve been to Athens and Santorini, the first is very cultural and ageless and the second one is probably the most weird yet stunning place I’ve ever been to!
    I’ve just came back from Vegas and can’t wait to go there as well! :)

    • Hi! Thanks so much for your comment! I am just DYING to go to Greece! That is so great that you got to go this year! Santorini just looks like heaven in photos. And Vegas is always such an awesome city, I could go back over and over again : )

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