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Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Do It Yourself, Featured, Fragrance, Interior Design | 1 comment

Apartment Tour: Dream Ikea Vanity

Every glamour girl needs a vanity. Even when I didn’t have a vanity with a seat, I would stand in front of my bedroom dresser and mirror to get ready, I was never okay with doing my makeup in the bathroom! (The heat and moisture fluctuates too much in there, ladies! It’s bad for your makeup!) When I started moving into my boyfriend’s place my one request was to have my own little corner of the room to put a true vanity with a chair, the whole works! I have been adding finishing touches here and there but at long last (and yet another trip to Ikea) it is complete! I’m so excited to share with you where I get ready every morning!

I like a lot of white, as you can see! Still working on concealing all of the power chords that keep this makeup operation running!

I have had my eye on this particular Ikea vanity for a long time, as you can see from my Dream Vanity post from last year. I have a TON of makeup, and I just love the storage space in this giant long drawer. I wanted a modern, fresh look. I am not typically a fan of those overdone Victorian style vanities. My apartment is pretty modern, and this needed to fit.

The Chanel bag is a Lady Gatsby notecard. Next to it is my Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoe that I bought at the Met Exhibit a few years ago.

I needed a good deal of space on the top of the vanity for my large perfume collection. I worked briefly at a Bloomingdales fragrance counter which is the only reason I have so many bottles! I purchased an Ikea Picture Ledge to put under the mirror that fits all of the bottles and some photos perfectly!

A diamond paper weight sits on top of a Kate Spade box that was just too beautiful to throw away! Also pictured: My CHI hair straightener!

The two photos I have on my vanity shelf is a framed Lady Gatsby Chanel Bag notecard and a framed postcard of the Andy Warhol Queen Elizabeth portrait that I bought in London. I just wanted my vanity to feel chic and inspiring. Nothing says inspiration like a Warhol print of a Queen!

I like to pick up unique knick-knacks from around the globe. This little doll I picked up in Japan is one of my favorite things. My sugar skull is from a boutique on Haight Ashbury in San Fransisco. I love sugar skulls! I try to pick them up when ever I see one I like. The skull sits on a pink glass tray which is a whole set that I bought at my local TJ Maxx. I loved the look of the cracked glass in my favorite color- pink! I keep my brushes in the pink cracked glass jar and have another matching bowl in the set where I keep hair odds and ends like clips and headbands.

A great deal of MAC, but you can definitely find some drugstore cosmetics, Clinique, NARS, and other fun things!

Inside my Ikea vanity is a bit of a mess! I use three small drawers to attempt to organize, but honestly it is total mayhem in there! I need better drawers to keep them organized, but I am doing a little at a time!

I store bigger tools in a basket underneath the desk.

The drawer inside the vanity is pretty shallow: perfect for small makeup bits but not enough storage for giant hair items like a hair dryer or curler. To store these bigger hair items I picked up a small basket from TJ Maxx that fits everything nicely! Pretty much the entire vanity is an Ikea or TJ Max purchase- ain’t no shame!!

I think the rug really adds texture, and keeps my feet warm in the morning!

The chair is a clear acrylic which adds to the modern feel. Originally I wanted something more fancy looking, but none of the chairs I found were comfortable enough. I added a TJ Maxx faux fur pillow for extra luxe, as well as an Ikea faux-sheepskin rug (for just $9.99!)

The ring holding elephant brought to you by Bed Bath & Beyond!

I could not be happier with how this space turned out. A beautiful vanity is totally achievable if you use more affordable furniture such as Ikea and TJ Maxx. I bought pieces little by little but it was worth it for the vanity of my dreams!
What do you think of the vanity? What does your dream vanity look like?
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