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Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in Gifts, Holidays | 0 comments

Last Minute DIY Gifts

I am not a fan of gift guides in magazines or on blogs. Let me rephrase that, I am a fan, but not for getting actual ideas of getting gifts. I do love to read them, but only because they make me laugh. One magazine this year suggested you buy a coworker a hot pink throw pillow that was featured for $54.00.  I just LOVE the weird items that Gift Guides come up with that you would never get someone, like random gilded knick knacks that cost a fortune.

SO in lieu of doing a Gift Guide, I decided to put together a small list of some DIY ideas, all of which are gifts that I myself would happily give to someone. These are things you can throw together with a quick trip to Michaels, your local grocery store or beauty supply. I think that DIY gifts are great, but if you do make it yourself, it needs to have a nice, polished touch. Here’s a roundup of the best ideas I found across the interwebs::

Chai Tea Kit- Today Buzzfeed posted a link on how to make a Chai Tea Kit as a gift. This would be a great gift for a foodie, or someone who really loves tea. All you need is a jar, a mesh strainer which is pretty cheap, and then some spices that you probable already have in your kitchen! See the How-To Here!

Spa Kit- Now THIS is a good gift for a coworker or friend. Get a jar at Michaels and then hit up your local CVS! Stuff some cotton balls, a nail polish, and a little nail file or two and you’re all set! Stereotypical bath sets can be a little stale, this personalizes it and punches it up!
Find other cute jar ideas including the spa kit Here!
Gifts in a jar are super popular, see also: sewing kit in a jar.

Wreaths- This year I saw a monogrammed wreath that my friend’s sister had made for her, and I fell in LOVE! I may or may not have made a few this year to give! There are tons of different styles to choose from, although it is the most labor intensive of these DIY options. Most of my ‘Homemade Gifts’ pins on pinterest are of wreaths, so I will link to that board. Basic items you will need is some burlap, a wreath frame (usually costs $3.99), floral wire, and a glue gun! Don’t forget to search for Michaels coupons online before you go, you can almost always find 40% or 50% off coupons!

Lip Scrub- I think this is a cute idea, I probably wouldn’t just give it by itself since it’s so small, but it would make a great stocking stuffer! It’s made with pretty much household ingredients that you probably already have in your cabinets- just sugar, lemon, honey, and olive oil. It’s all natural and edible! When I made my own lip scrub I used a recipe similar to the one HERE although THIS one has some really unique additions!

Framed Photos- This is obviously more  of an idea for very close friends or family, but never underestimate the power of a framed photo! Sometimes I take a million pictures at family events that never end up on Facebook or in anyone’s hands, so I have great pictures that no one owns. All you need is some photo paper in your printer. You can get cheap frames at Michaels that you can then decorate, but in a jam I have upended my own photos just so have a frame. You can also get photos blown up on the website Winkflash to canvas or poster size. My boyfriend and I have also been known to photoshop our family with their favorite celebrities in framed photos as a gag. The possibilities are endless and nothing could be more personal.

Find more DIY last minute gifts ideas on my Pinterest Board!
Have you made any of these? Are you into the DIY gift trend? Comment Below!

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