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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Featured, Holidays, New York City | 0 comments

2013 Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

The Holiday window theme ‘April Fools Day’, it IS supposed to be upside down.

I look forward to the Bergdorf Goodman windows all year long. As I always say, Macy’s windows are for kids, Saks are for both kids and fashionistas, and Bergdorf’s are just the best!

This was LAST YEAR’S 2012 windows. To DIE FOR!

Every year there is a theme, and last year’s windows just blew me away. All of the Great Gatsby movie hype led everything in popular culture to be old Hollywood glamour! Everything was the 1920s! Glitz! Sequins! Fringe! It was madness. I could not stop staring at the beautiful spectacle in every window!

Pretty, but what is the theme here?

This year….not so much. The last two years have been pretty amaze and I was not sure how they could top it off. Well, they didn’t. They just couldn’t top themselves. I always start on the Central Park side of the windows, not for any other reason that I am usually coming from uptown. The sides of Bergdorf Goodman this year were a winter wonderland. Pretty, just plain white. That should have indicated that there just wasn’t much more to come.

The Halloween window. Not into it.

The theme this year was ‘Holidays’…whose idea was that? The first window I saw was a Halloween window (based on the progression of holidays I have probably been going backwards all of this time). The Halloween window was cool, but…it’s not Halloween! I don’t want to  look at spiderwebs and a spooky house…it’s Christmas time! It just wasn’t jiving with me.

It’s not that it looks terrible or anything, but for Bergdorf’s standards, I think it’s just ‘okay.’

There was a Fourth of July window that just looked half done.  They just weren’t up to snuff. Call me a critic. I mean they didn’t look awful or anything, but I was not blown away like I have been in the past. It just didn’t do it for me this year. I think it looks kind of tired and cheap.

I apologize for the poor photo quality here!

One of the best windows was the Arbor Day window. File that under ‘Words I Never Thought I’d Say.’

Typically Bergdorf is best known for over packing the window with just tons and tons of items. It’s usually overflowing eye candy and you don’t even know where to look. I thought that it was really missing that piece this year. The Valentine’s Window was the only one to come close. Doesn’t everything look kind of plastic though?

So, there you have it. They just didn’t wow me. In case you aren’t familiar with Bergdorf Goodman’s typical window display, here is a few snaps of windows past…you make your own judgement:

The 2012 Windows themed ‘BG Follies”

The 2011 Bergdorf Windows Themed ‘Carnival of the Animals’

2010 Bergdorf Windows Theme: Wish You Were Here


A Compendium of Curiosities, the 2009 Bergdorf Goodman Windows.

So you tell me, does the 2013 ‘Holidays’ measure up?

The 2013 theme “Holidays”

Leave me a comment below, tell me what you think!!

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