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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Fashion Finds: Glamorous Golds

Every now and again I like to share some favorite items I have picked up here and there, be it a good sale or just something I love. Here are a few things I have picked up lately…and I didn’t notice until after I wrote this post that they are all….GOLD! What can I say? I like things a tad over the top…

It says this one isn’t available online any longer, but I just bought it in store about a week ago!

My first midi ring! As a jewelry-loving-gal, I can get on board with most trends, and I think midi is a really fun one! Forever 21 had an adorable, unreasonably cheap set of infinity rings, one regular and one midi. I picked them up in gold along with a cute little sideways heart ring and threw them all on instantly. It was love at first sight. Shop It: Similar Here

A gold Iphone 5S….okay…so this isn’t just some random item I fell in love with and bought on a whim, I am FAR too frugal for that. However, for the second time my iphone 4s has stranded me in a world without wifi, a problem that much to my distress, Apple refuses to fix without paying to replace the phone. I have had this problem twice, so I have no interest in getting another 4s, and though I flirted with the idea of getting a 5C, I decided to go for the gold, literally, and get the 5s. The gold 5s was back ordered for a few weeks but mine just shipped and I cannot wait to play with it!

A super sparkley Kate Spade iphone case to go with my iphone!! The 5S is so pricey I would not dream of carrying it around for a day without a case, and Kate Spade has the most delightful accessories that I just die over! This cream gold case is perfect for my gold phone, and I got it 25% off while Lord & Taylor was having a Friends & Family sale! Though the sale is over, you can always scout Polyvore for an item to see what store has the cheapest! I always check all department store websites for sales before I commit to an item!
//Shop the look: Kate Spade Glitter Jubilee Stripe Iphone 5 case
You can never have too much sparkle!


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