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Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Designers, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons, Featured | 0 comments

BaubleBar’s Nicolette Mason Mystery Box

If you read literally any fashion blogs whatsoever, than you are probably familiar with the online jewelry site, Baublebar. Baublebar is a fashion jewelry website that has a pulse on technology and social media. Collaborations with bloggers is one of the things that Baublebar does best, and when I read on blogger Nicolette Mason’s page that she hand selected a box of mystery jewelry for them, I knew I had to have it! I will be showing what else came in the mystery box, so be careful scrolling if you don’t want to know!

I have been following Nicolette Mason since I started subscribing to Marie Claire, where she writes a monthly article, ‘Big Girl In A Skinny World.’ Mason’s fashion is fun, flirty, and feminine with a razor’s edge, I live for it! For the collaboration with Baublebar, four different bloggers were asked to pick a pieces from Baublebar, and then select two mystery pieces that  are complimentary in design that would be a surprise to the buyer! The box costs $50 for three pieces of jewelry, but considering how most Baublebar pieces are between $20-40, the box was such a fun bargain!

Isn’t it AMAZE?!

I checked out the pieces the other bloggers picked, but I was surprised that they were a bit more dainty and minimal. Baublebar, aside from their custom monogramming, is known for their beautiful big bejeweled pieces, which is more what I was looking for in my first Baublebar purchase. Mason’s selection was a huge, beautiful ‘Galactic Opal’ necklace, ornate and to die for! I had to have it.

SPOILERS AHEAD! IF you don’t want to know what came in the mystery box, turn back now!!! You were warned!

The box took almost a week to ship, and I could not wait for it to arrive! The gems came in a big pink box, layered perfectly in tissue paper and safely stashed in little velvet pouches! If you don’t want to know what else my Galactic Opal Necklace came with….don’t keep scrolling!!! 

The galactic opal necklace was everything I dreamed it would be, I have already worn it twice since it came in last week. It’s ornate, sparkling, and in mint condition. The other two pieces were just as fab! On to the mystery pieces…..

I have been dying to get a nice link bracelet, I could not have been happier!

I am a big bracelet person, so I was delighted to find two great pieces in my surprise packs! One was a metallic link bracelet with a hint of sparkle. A nice piece that will match just about everything!

The bracelet was more dainty, a little sparkley silver bracelet with pave circles. This bauble will be great for layering!

My Mystery Box! Nicolette Mason had some great picks!!

I could not be happier that I got the Nicolette Mason Mystery Box, I had such a good experience I have been tempted to get another one by a different blogger. $50 is well worth the price of three high quality fashion jewelry pieces! Nicolette Mason chose some amazing pieces!

Have you bought jewelry on BaubleBar? Tell me about it! 

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