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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Life, New York City | 0 comments

Throwing A New York City Bachelorette Party

Two years ago I had the honor of throwing one of my best friend’s a Bachelorette Bash in Atlantic City. I wrote a post about the event, and there must be tons of Jersey ladies looking to do the same because my post is one of the top viewed on this blog! This past weekend I threw my other best friend a huge New York City Bachelorette Party, and decided to share all of the secrets of planning with everyone here!

If you are planning a Bachelorette Party in New Jersey, be thankful! Because you have a TON of options. Atlantic City wasn’t right for this particular crowd, but we were considering both New Hope and New York for this event. New Hope offers great restaurants, clubs, a riverfront view, summer fireworks, and some adult stores to create some mischief in! This was in the running for a while until we turned our attention to New York. When friends of mine offered to let us use their apartment for the pregaming festivities, we knew we had a winner.

We got creative with our bannering!

New York offers plenty to do: dancing, clubbing, Drag Shows, adult stores, adult shows. The options are unlimited in NYC. The bridesmaids and I decided we would start off with drinks, appetizers, and a party game or two at a centrally located New York apartment, and head to Lips for their dinner and drag show from there.

Late night Favors!!

For decorations I shopped at Party City and Michaels. Michaels has a limited selection of Bachelorette decorations, but they have SUCH great coupons that you can get nearly everything half priced if you are willing to print a coupon off the computer before you head out. At Michaels I purchased the feather boa, sash, and items for little party favors.

For the party favors I gave out teeny little take out boxes to get everyone through a long night out. The boxes included gum, chapstick, a granola bar, hair ties, and a compact mirror. They were a big hit!

Next I raided Party City for a Bachelorette banner (so cheap to buy and worth it’s weight in gold), crepe paper, party beads for everyone to wear, table cloths, and bachelorette plates. I also bought pretty pink fake diamonds from the bridal section to sprinkle all over the food table. We really wanted to deck the apartment out in decorations, I love a theme!! Many bachelorette parties feature a lot of phallic-decorations, but I didn’t pick too much of that stuff up. It’s funny, but often over priced, and you really can only use it at a Bachelorette Party. In my opinion, it is not necessarily worth the money.

For cocktails we did one big signature party cocktail, an Amaretto Sour. This is the bride’s signature drink that she ALWAYS orders at a bar, so I thought it would be fun to honor her favorite! We drank out of these adorable plastic hot pink flutes that were also from Party City. For appetizers, I really just wanted food I could open, set it, and forget it! We had chips, cheese, hummus, pigs in a blanket, and some silly-shaped cookies! Everyone really loved the snacks and it was such an easy set up.

The view from the roof!! Spectacular champagne toast on a New York rooftop!

When guests arrived we mingled, had the party music going, and drinks flowing! About an hour before we had to leave for the Drag Show we went on the roof of the building for a champagne toast! Nothing feels more glamorous than popping open a bottle of champagne on the roof of a New York City building!

This was the exact game I bought off Amazon!

After that we played a rousing game of Pin the Macho on the Man. This was a surprisingly big hit at the last Bachelorette Party I threw, so we pulled it out again and again- everyone loved it. Once you have a few drinks this game is really fun and hilarious. After that, it was on to Lips!

Waiting in line to get inside!! Even with reservations, you will need to wait a little to get in.

If you are looking for a Drag Show, which I ALWAYS am, Lucky Chengs and Lips are the biggest commercially successful ones in New York City. I went to Lips a few years ago when it was just one room, with a stage made of some two by fours, and only a few bachelorette parties in the audience….my how things have changed!

Lips is much bigger and grandiose now!!

Since I saw Lips downtown years ago, they have relocated to a much bigger place further uptown on East 56th street. When we arrived there was a line going down the block of Bachelorette parties waiting to get inside. The inside is decorated in the most over the top amazing glitter explosion that you have ever seen. We were seated in a somewhat timely manner and sat for the party to begin.

For a little bit extra the bride gets a giant tiara (seen here), a souvenir shot glass w/shot, goes on stage, and gets a souvenir photo

The deal with Lips is that if you are coming with a party at one of their specific show times, everyone has to eat, and everyone has to pay a cover. We selected the $29.95 pre-fixe menu that includes a salad, choice of entree, and small platter of desserts, and everyone also had to pay a $12 cover. For an extra $15.00 they will also give the bride a crown, a shot with souvenir shot glass, bring her up on stage, and give her a souvenir photo. One of the secrets to our success, which I have to credit to another Bridesmaid, was that she tallied up the total cost for the whole night per person. We estimated that including the food menu, cover charge, tip, tax, two drinks at the bar, the bride’s cover, and some of the food/decorations of the night would be about $125. So we listed it on the invitation: $125 and you are set for the night! No fighting over the bill, no mix of credit cards and cash, no math. You show up, hand over the money to the bridesmaid, and just enjoy.

While I balked at the price at first, it was so nice to just hand over a flat rate and know that I didn’t have to worry about money for the rest of the night! I could plan ahead, save what I knew I would spend, and be stress free. I think it was one of the best ideas we had, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Do the calculations ahead of time, and just set a per person price that includes everything, make your lives easier!

The show was pretty good. As an avid RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, these Queens are no Jinx Monsoon’s if you catch my drift. The show was still good though, and the acts get better as the night goes on.

The food was surprisingly good, but the service was not great. The waitresses are also the on-stage performers, and with a full house of parties to attend to, you can tell they are a bit frazzled. Half of our party waited more than twenty minutes for their entrees (after the other half of the party was served theirs). I alerted two different people about it, but they don’t really care, you all paid a pre-fixe so they have your money no matter how bad the service is. We had a good time anyway.

The many many brides that attend means that they cannot do something very embarrassing anymore for your guest of honor. Instead they all file on stage for a picture and a shot.

What has really changed is how commercial they are now. When they called the Brides on stage, there were probably roughly fifteen of them, and that is not including the other ten people they have to bring on stage who are celebrating birthdays! Unfortunately, this means that they don’t have time to really embarrass any bride on stage, there are just too many of them! As I mentioned before, however, they will get a souvenir shot glass with a shot on stage, a souvenir photo, and a tiara to wear for the night though.

Regardless of not-too-great service, we really did have a great time. The show was really fun, and it was the right level of excitement and pricing of what we wanted to reach. Many of our guests came off an hour long train ride from New Jersey, so after the Lips show ended around 11:30 we headed home. If you are interested in keeping your party going after that, however, New York obviously has plenty to offer!

All in all we had a great time! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Are you looking to plan a Bachelorette Party in New York?? If you have a question comment below!

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