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Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Do It Yourself, Inspiration, Life | 0 comments

Lately Loving

I love shows at Jones Beach! My favorite venue!

Lately loving the Instagram videos and pictures I took at the Depeche Mode concert I went to last weekend! Depeche Mode is my boyfriend’s top favorite band of all time, and the stars aligned when I found a Groupon to the show they were having at my all time favorite concert venue, Jones Beach. Jones Beach can be hard to get to, but lucky for me I am only an hour away now. There is nothing more magical than sitting in an outdoor ampitheater, under the stars, where the stage looks like it is floating on water. It is spectacular! We had a great time. For concert video make sure you’re following me in Instagram: @Ferocia

Lately loving super beautiful feminine fashion art. I am head over heels for Paper Fashion’s prints, like the one seen above. For a more affordable option, I am super obsessed with Lady Gatsby on Etsy. I have a few prints and notecards favorited that I hope wind up on my walls soon!

Loving all of the goods I got in my Fashion Week swagbag! I am not fancy enough to actually attend New York Fashion Week (not yet anyway) but I did happen to be in New York during Fashion Week, and was handed a bag on the street of a ‘Fashion Survival Kit’. The plastic bag included samples of Biore face cleanser, St.Ives hand cream, Garnier shampoo, and tons of other great samples! I love free goods!

Obsessed with the Fashionista onesie that I made at my best friend’s baby shower!! I cannot wait to meet our little Diva In Training!!

Serving some major sassy duckface realness, but look how super straight my hair is!

Lastly obsessed with my CHI straightener. I finally took the plunge and it was worth every penny. I found one on clearance at Ulta (my favorite beauty supply store) and used a coupon on top of discounted price. The CHI is a weighty, legit piece of equipment that makes my hair much straighter in half the time it would have using cheap equipment. It is worth the splurge, ladies!!
What have you been loving lately?

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