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Posted by on Sep 28, 2013 in Elizabeth Taylor, Fashion Friday, Marilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood, Weddings | 1 comment

Fashion Friday: Old Hollywood Celebrity Weddings

This weekend my best friend is getting married!! Whenever this happens I like to take the opportunity to do a wedding-inspired post, usually in the vein of celebrities! I have done wedding couture and alternative style posts before, but this time I decided we would kick it old school and reminisce about wedding dresses in an era gone by…

Of course, when absolutely ANYONE thinks of vintage celebrity weddings, the very first that should come to mind is the late Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. I was a fan of Audrey and Marilyn at an early age, but I am only now just starting to appreciate the style, class, and eternal elegance of Grace Kelly. This woman was a princess and a movie star, it does not really get much better than that. Her wedding dress was timeless, as demonstrated by Kate Middleton who clearly drew inspiration from it!

Not a movie star but definitely a celebrity!

Then of course there was the American royalty, Jackie Kennedy.

It’s humanly impossible to trash Audrey Hepburn, and even though the dress isn’t my favorite, she still looks stunning, obviously.

Audrey Hepburn’s first wedding was a little too conservative for my taste, but she was basically a perfect being so that is all I will say about it.

vintage celebrity wedding dresses, old school wedding dresses celebrity 1950s wedding gowns

Her second wedding dress was more reminiscent of the swinging sixties.

What a queen.

Speaking of Swinging Sixties, can we all just take in Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding dress from when she married Richard Burton? And her insane long hair that is covered in flowers? Can I just tell you that I had the good fortune by some stroke of magic to see this dress in person at the Christie’s exhibit a few years ago? Dying.

For her second wedding to Richard Burton she wore a green caftan, which is aweeesomeeeee. Elizabeth Taylor was the most interesting and exciting of all of the vintage brides in this line up.

She is my spirit animal.

One of my favorite of Elizabeth Taylor’s many, many wedding gowns would have to be the one she wore when she married Mike Todd. It had a hood for god’s sake! This woman was so ahead of her time.

Very unique in pink gingham

Many stars in the 1960s modeled the look of the day or did something alternative for their wedding, such as Brigitte Bardot who wore a pink gingham dress for her wedding.

old hollywood, celebrity weddings

Tate may not be as vintage glam as some of the other ladies on this list, but I always loved her style, so I wanted to include her!

Another unique wedding dress was Sharon Tate’s choice for her wedding to Roman Polanski. Again, very Sixties!

A rare color photo…even from under the veil you can tell she is breath-taking.

My favorite of Marilyn Monroe’s three dresses was the last one she wore at her wedding to Arthur Miller. A beautiful pale pink, conservative, but not as buttoned up as the suit she wore to wed Dimaggio.

What a spectacle!

We cannot discuss vintage celebrity weddings without talking about one of my all time favorites, Priscilla Presly’s marriage to Elvis! I love anything over the top, and Priscilla has hair for days honey!! I love it so much.

That is a wrap on vintage wedding pics!! I love a stroll down Old Hollywood Lane! Which was was your favorite??

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  1. These black and white images reminds me all old celebrities. Grace Kelly is looking awesome in this wedding dress. She is my all time favorite.

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