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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Life, Weddings | 0 comments

Busy Bridal Party Bee

Last night I spent one hour from 7pm-8pm after work at an accessories store picking out “Bridal Party Jewelry Options”…so if you guys are wondering where I have been, that is kind of where my life has been at lately! Between my full time job, my birthday festivities, and being a full time Maid of Honor, I basically collapse every night on the couch in exhaustion, leaving very little time for this beautiful blog.

I can’t wait for the wedding this weekend!

Most of my time has been spent text messaging the bride from sun up until sun down making sure we have all of our bases covered for the big day this weekend! I am getting very excited about the wedding, it’s such a great opportunity to eat, drink, dance, and be merry with your best friends! The bride is going to look absolutely beautiful, and the weather is supposed to be fantastic, I have high hopes that it will be a perfect day.

Lately I have neglected coming up with unique content on my blog, finding it easier to maintain a steady stream of beautiful images on my tumblr page! Tumblr, for people like me who mostly just post and reblog pretty pictures and quotes, is kind of like blogging for lazy people. I’ve filled this post with some of my favorite images from Tumblr.

Other updates include my birthday, which was the most perfect evening I could have ever imagined. After work my boyfriend and I took the ferry to New York where we first stopped at Kate Spade for my present (!), then to a stunning rooftop bar for drinks, on to dinner, and then a trip to the top of the Empire State Building which I can now cross of my bucket list! I could not have planned a more romantic evening if I tried. I am one lucky girl! September is one of my favorite months, not only because of my birthday, but because of the beautiful weather, and the possibility in the air!

I hope to get back on track with blogging soon, after all of the wedding buzz has died down! If I am feeling really ambitious today I might even have a wedding-inspired Fashion Friday queue’d up for tomorrow….we’ll see!!

Thanks for stopping by! For a page of endlessly beautiful images visit my tumblr:

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