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Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

Visiting South Woodstock Vermont

After our too-short trip to Newburyport we packed our belongings back into my car and headed to Vermont. I have been wanting a summer Vermont trip since I saw a post on one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Hither and Thither. The adorable couple that hosts that blog spent a beautiful few days in Vermont during the summer and it looked like so much fun. When I could not find a place along the coast for us to vacation this year, Vermont was at the top of my list!

I booked our stay at an inn in southeast Vermont called The Kedron Valley Inn. The Kedron is an adorable inn that was featured on Hither and Thither, and was also the site of the famous horse-drawn-sleigh Annheuiser Busch Christmas commercial. We booked their special offers package which was a very affordable two night stay that includes breakfast both days, a dinner at their restaurant, as well as a free bottle of syrup. The drive through south Vermont was very beautiful and very rural. The Inn was picture perfect. Upon arrival we were upgraded to a suite, only adding to the list of reasons why this is a great place to stay.

South Woodstock AttractionsThere are a few attractions in South Woodstock if you are looking to explore the local culture. First on my list was visiting the Marsh Billings Rockefeller national historic park. The park is a celebration of three families who have owned that land throughout history, all whom had a strong commitment to conservation. The park is currently open to the public after being donated by Mary and Lawrence Rockefeller as a National Historic Park, and features exhibits about conservation as well as a tour of the mansion that the Billings and Rockefeller family lived in. It was a great tour that was both educational and fun! I loved old estates, and the Billings Rockefeller mansion has been perfectly preserved.

Visiting Sugarbush FarmsEverything in South Woodstock is pretty close together, so there was not much travel time between attractions. Our second stop on our adventure through Vermont was to Sugarbush Farms, a big dairy farm lauded for it’s extensive cheese tasting. At Sugarbush Farms you can taste 12 different cheeses, all home made at the farm and very interesting including jalapeno, smoked, as well as different sharp cheddar’s that have been aged for various years. It was basically my personal heaven.  They also offer a four part maple syrup tasting, and of course there is a shop where you can pick up all of the goodies you tried! We came home with maple syrup, cheese, jam, hot chocolate. Vermont is a great place for home made kitchen goods.

I kept thinking of The Bridges of Madison County….corny but true!

Sugarbush Farm was a pure delight. After those attractions, I did not have too much else planned other than to drive around and take in some nature. We just drove around looking for a lunch spot, and saw beautiful covered wooden bridges and wildflowers everywhere.

Simon Pearce Glass Blowing Studio VermontWe ended up stumbling upon the Simon Pearce Glass blowing studio, which was the most spectacular surprise! I had heard of the Simon Pearce store, but after wandering around the shop admiring his pieces we realized there was an entire studio downstairs where patrons were welcome to watch the artisans in action! I have never seen glass blowing up close, and it was so fascinating. All of the artists were extremely friendly and even offered to answer questions while they worked. The studio ended up being one of my favorite moments from the trip!

I loved every minute of my trip to Vermont!

We were only in South Woodstock for two nights, but it truly was beautiful. Those were the three attractions we saw, and the rest of our time was spent exploring the adorable Main Street stores, like Gillingham Sons, a general store that has been in town since the 1800s! I cannot say enough good things about the Kedron Valley Inn and South Woodstock, I will definitely be returning some day!

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