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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Bucket List, California, Inspiration, Italy, Life, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

The 25 Before 25 Challenge

Next month I will be 24, and before you know it I will be half way through my twenties! So far my twenties have been pretty magical, I’ve managed to visit both Europe and Japan twice which has felt pretttttty amazing, I gotta tell you. I try to seize the day as much as possible, and that mentality has gotten me far. I may have crossed a lot of things off my Bucket List much sooner than I ever thought I would, but there is plenty more to do, so I proposed a  little challenge to myself to help speed up the fun: I am going to pick 25 things off my Bucket List to accomplish before I turn 25  next year.

I think we can reach a lot more of our dreams than we think we can, and that is what this challenge is about. There are a lot of really far fetched things on my bucket list, and it will take creativity to accomplish them before I turn 25. I began this blog over four years ago to help inspire people to realize that the lifestyle that they desire is within reach. Travel is not for millionaires only, and neither are a lot of other amazing experiences that people think are beyond them. The life that you desire is out there waiting for you, and that is where the 25 before 25 challenge comes into play: Many of these items I have accomplished already, or crossed off since I wrote them on my blog. But many of them are super dreams of mine that even I think I would need more money to achieve. In the 25 Before 25 Challenge, I am going to prove us both wrong and accomplish them this year while I am still (mostly) broke.

I am not going to lie to you guys, I may be slightly cheating by picking the slightly more accessible items, but it will still be a challenge to get this done in little over a year, I assure you! This is going to be fun!
Here is the list of 25 things direct off my Bucket List that I am challenging myself to do before 25:

1.) Item #4 Spend a night in the Hamptons.

2.)Item #8 See an opera at the NYC Met1/2/14


3.) Item #9 Ride an elephant

4.) Item #27 Own Christian Louboutins

5.) Item #37 Celebrate New Year’s in Times Square. – close enough on 1/1/14!

6.) Item #44 Go on a wine tasting in Napa Valley

7.) Item #47 Have a spa day

8.) Item #48 Visit the Statue of Liberty

9.) Item #49 Speak fluent Italian

10.) Item #54 Learn to meditate everyday

11.) Item #55 Ride in a hot air balloon

12.) Item #59 Show up to the airport without a plan and take one of the next flights out.

13.) Item #60 Be an extra in a movie

14.) Item #38 Go to the top of the Empire State Building – 9/19/2013

15.) Item #81. Learn to Scuba Dive

16.) Item #82. Learn to Surf

17.) Item #83. Take a cooking class

18.) Item #84. Go to Coney Island

19.) Item #72. See the Mayan Ruins in Yucatan, Mexico.

20.) Item #30. Stay in Atlantis at the Bahamas

21.) Item 64. Visit the Muir Woods.

22.) Item #90. Go on a pub crawl

23.) Item #91. Take a bikram yoga class

24.) Item #61. Zip line.

25.) Item #65. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain.


There it is….Goal: all 25 items. Deadline: September 20th, 2014. Let’s DO THIS!


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