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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apartment Tour: Living Room Design

I have spent the past several weeks fine-tuning the interior design of my apartment, or as my girl friend calls it, “nesting.” We have been blessed with giant beautiful built in bookshelves that have taken me days to perfect. I am trying really hard to create a modern, fresh, beautiful place to live, so I thought I would give you all a little tour!

In the center of our glass coffee table is a silver tray that holds magazines and flowers. I love adding touches of metallic everywhere, and the tray really ties into our modern coffee table. I love when people add coffee table books and knick knacks to style their coffee table, but I do not find that look to be practical for us. We do not have a dining room table, so we need as much table space as we can get! Magazines and flowers are my big vices. I always have to have a fresh vase of flowers and a stack of the latest magazines!

Thank god my boyfriend and I have (mostly) the same taste in interior design: elegant, clean, modern. Picking our couch was shockingly easy, we both instantly loved this comfy, sleek sectional design from Ikea. I am at a point in my life where most of my furniture is from Ikea, and I have zero shame about it.

Sometimes if you cannot find the right artwork, you need to take matters into your own hands!

We took our time finding the perfect art piece for the living room, and when we could not find anything we decided to design our own! This is a photograph that we had custom printed onto three canvases. It is one of my favorite features of the apartment, colorful, original, and still calming. Overall in the apartment our color scheme is beige and brown with different accents of metallic and red. Our oriental rug, pictures in the coffee table photo above really ties the colors in nicely. The drapes are a deep chocolate brown that matches the blanket on the couch. I am still hunting for the perfect accent pillows!

I tried many different combinations of books and knick-knacks, it’s still not perfect but I am pretty happy with it for now.

Next we have the giant bookcases across from the couch which have been a true labor of love. You never realize how many books you have until you have to move them! I used a technique I saw on other blogs to organize books by color, and I really think it adds cohesiveness.

To add some flair, mix in some candles, photos, mementos. Make the bookshelf your own!

I am completely obsessed with pictures and I have them all over the apartment. I think it adds fun touches and really lets personality shine through! I know I love looking at the pictures people have up when I am in someone’s home.

Can you guess which one of these books belongs to my boyfriend! Mixing tastes!

Some of the books are upright, but I mixed it up by stacking some horizontally. I think it adds character and makes our bookshelf unique.I don’t think I will ever be totally satisfied with styling this bookshelf, currently I am hunting for some big block initial letters to add. It is a fun work in progress!

Cracks me up every time!

Aside from the Buddha above the couch, we have some other fun artwork throughout the apartment as well. On the wall next to the bookshelf we have a caricature of ourselves that was drawn at my cousin’s bat mitzvah. It’s so cute and silly, I laugh every time I see it!

I apologize for the big glare! Still honing those photography skills..

Our latest addition to our ‘art collection’ is this AMAZE Beyonce concert poster. I loved the poster the second I saw it, but I was really hesitant about how we would incorporate a concert poster into our grown up apartment look, but it actually fits in really nicely. We framed the poster and it really does look like art. The black and white really pops with the distressed silver frame which ties into my hints of metallic, I am kind of obsessed with it!

Stay tuned for future posts that will continue the apartment tour…!

Stay tuned for future posts that will tour our newly decorate bedroom and my to-die-for vanity!

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