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Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Boston, Featured, Travel | 0 comments

A Day In Newburyport

As mentioned in a post this past week, I went all the way out to Boston, roughly four hours from where I live, to see her majesty Beyonce! This ended up turning into a full-fledged week long vacation. I spent one night in Boston at my FAVORITE luxury hotel in Boston, the W, and also had dinner with a great friend.

After that we decided to head up to Vermont for a quiet few days in the country, but not before we stopped in Newburyport, a beautiful coastal town on Boston’s north shore. I had actually really wanted the entire vacation to be coastal, however things book up fast on the East Coast! To have a dream coastal vacation at the last minute was a little out of reach, but we did get to spend one beautiful day in Newburyport. For this post I will mostly be referencing the amazing reccomendations I got from a good friend who grew up in that area!

First my beau and I stopped in the local town to walk around. After driving for an hour it felt so good to feel the coastal sea breeze! There is a huge parking lot that is right along the harbor which immediately gave us a great impression of this town.

Upon walking up through the lot we also passed ‘Oldies Marketplace’ which was on my list of recommendations to see! I was very bummed to find that they were closed for the day because supposedly there is great shopping and vintage finds here, but I will definitely return someday to rummage through their goods!

I bought an adorable gift for my best friend’s baby shower at this little local boutique! It is a one of a kind gift, the type of thing to appreciate when you shop local!

The town is all local shops, adorable cafes, and bars. There is an entire store devoted to handmade bath goods. Newburyport was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to visit New England Coastal towns.

There are sweet little touches everywhere, like glass post signs through town.

The margaritas at Agave really were the best I had ever had!

For a quick drink we stopped in at Agave, which we were told was the best margarita in town- we were not disappointed. Absolutely delicious! We walked quite a bit of the town, but we didn’t have too much time to linger because I still wanted to hit the beach. This summer is absolutely flying by and I have not been to the Jersey shore once! The beach was high priority for me.

We stopped at Bob Lobster for lobster rolls and steamed clams. Yummy!

On the way to the beach we stopped at where we were told was THE place to have lobster, Bob Lobster. Bob Lobster is almost a shack, but a little more of a restaurant than that. It’s very small with a menu board over the counter, you go up, order, and wait for your lobster to arrive at a nearby picnic table.

We loved it!

Bob Lobster, like pretty much everything in Newburyport, did not disappoint. The chunks of lobster were huge, and the clams were the best I have ever had.

The beautiful North Shore beach!

After filling up on seafood it was off to the beach on Plum Island! Plum Island was a beautiful, very clean beach. New Jersey shores can be a little iffy sometimes regarding the garbage level, but at Plum Island there wasn’t a piece of litter in sight. It was a huge beach with a modest amount of guests, but was by no means crowded.

The water was ICE cold! For the end of July I expected it to be warmer, so I spent most of my time lounging on the sand.

Thanks Newburyport! We’ll be back some day!

We had about an hour lounging on the beach before hitting the road to head out for a trip to Vermont! I loved every minute of Newburyport and cannot wait to return someday. Next up was two summer days in Vermont…stay tuned!

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