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Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Boston, Celebrities, Concerts | 0 comments

Who Run The World: The Mrs.Carter World Tour

I have wanted to see Beyonce for as long as I can remember. Destiny’s Child was one of my first CDs that I used to play in my boombox (and if we are really going back in time, Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time single was my first cassette tape.) I am completely unashamed to admit that I worship all of the pop princesses, and I have seen nearly all of them in concert: Gaga, Britney, Katy. The highest point on my Pop Princess mountain however was always Beyonce. As soon as she announced that she was going on The Mrs.Carter World Tour I knew that nothing was going to stop me from reveling in her perfection.

They weren’t the best seats, but I took what I could get!

Now that ticket brokers have made buying concert tickets to popular performances nearly impossible, I knew I had to jump on the first presale I found, which was back in April for her July show. As soon as the clock struck 10:00AM I took my presale code and immediately began the uphill battle for tickets to the Barclays show. Jay Z owns a percentage of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and given his New York pride I knew this would be a HUGE show to see, with the chances of Hova coming out for ‘Crazy in Love’ at an all time high. After loading and reloading my browser for an hour with not a single pair of tickets coming up for Barclays I knew I needed another alternative.

I began searching for shows within a four-hour radius of New York, and when the first set of tickets came up for the TD Garden in Boston, I bought them! They were pretty high up which is why my photos from that night are not the greatest, but by GOD I WAS THERE!

The opening act started at 8pm and Beyonce came out shortly after 9pm. The show opened with the most amazing ‘Queen of Versailles’ video, the theme of her Mrs.Carter World Tour, and she kicked off the beginning with ‘Who Run The World’. Her digital light display is seriously the most amazing top-notch piece of concert equipment ever.

Even though she has a seriously killer light display and some amaze pyrotechnics, she really does not rely on these tricks, her voice and her dancing take center stage the entire show and you do not forget it.

Beyonce danced and sang as incredibly as you would imagine that she does.


Beyonce did a great mix of her countless older hits as well as her new ones, and she did a lot of snippets of songs in a sort-of medley style so you got to hear a little bit of everything. As soon as nearly every song started I would excitedly exclaim, “This is my favorite song!” Because they pretty much all are. I completely lost it during 90% of her set. Every concert DVD you have seen of any of her shows is 100% accurate. Beyonce is dancing so hard the whole show, singing like a powerhouse at the same time, her energy is so high. I can’t say enough good things about the performance that she puts on.

These pictures are from my iphone so they are even worse, I am so sorry for the poor quality, but this is the second stage, which as you can see, enables Bey to have even closer access to fans.

Beyonce interacted so much with the fans, which is really amazing given how famous she is. She spoke to the crowd a lot (her voice is surprisingly more high pitched than it sounds on television) and she frequently interacted with the fans in the front row. Another unique facet of the show is a separate stage that is built on the opposite end of the larger stage, and Beyonce walks through the standing room General Admission to get to the second stage. On her walk she spoke to and congratulated a pregnant woman, hugged and kissed another fan, she has genuine interactions with the fans and it is honestly shocking to see.

This is clearly a photo I took from the interwebs because I needed ONE good picture of Beyonce on this post, but this is what she was wearing/looking like when she was singing ‘Irreplaceable’ with the crowd! To the left to the left.

The second stage is round and much smaller with people in and all around it. This allows her even more access to the fans, where she sang ‘Survivor’ and ‘Irreplaceable’. ‘Survivor’ was especially moving given that the show was in Boston, the site of the tragic Boston Marathon attack from just a few short months ago. There were actually a few women who ran the marathon that day who had lost their limbs that were in attendance at this show, and Beyonce sang to them at the second stage and invited them backstage for photos after the show. Class act all the way.

Lastly, she took my breath away when she sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. I still get chills when I think about it! Basically Beyonce put on as great a show as you could possibly imagine. To see the videos I took during the show follow me on Instagram @Ferocia The entire performance from start to finish was flawless, I was on my feet the entire time.

If you ever get the chance to see Mrs.Carter absolutely take it!! Bow Down!


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