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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in France, Travel | 0 comments

Tips For Visiting Paris

As my best friend plans her honeymoon in the magical City of Light, I can’t help but bombard her with crazed text messages about all of the things she should see and do. Having now been to more than one European city, I feel that I can say with certainty that there just isn’t anywhere like France. I thought that I had fallen madly in love with everything Francais simply because it was my first trip to Europe… until I visited London, and thought to myself, “No, it’s not just all of Europe that is spectacular.” London was fabulous…but there just aren’t many sights in the world that compare to watching the Eiffel Tower glitter.

To prepare my friend for her dream honeymoon, here are a few tips tips I had to give her about what to see and do:

1.) Visit Versailles- Versailles is the dreamiest place on the planet if you ask me. Even if you do not appreciate the decadence or historical nature of the sight, to actually see this gargantuan palace in person is truly mind blowing. To see over eight hundred rooms, acres of land that include miniature palaces, and the piece de resistance- Marie Antoinette’s strange little village in the gardens where she pretended to be a peasant, it does not even seem real that people actually lived there. I would put it on everyone’s must-see list. For more pictures from when I visited at Versailles you can read this post:

2.) See a show at the Moulin Rouge – If I had one regret about my time in France, it would be not seeing a show at the Moulin Rouge in Montmarte. At the time I thought it was too expensive, but now I wish I had just gone, the show is supposed to be spectacular. Montmarte is beautiful, walking through the town to get to Sacre Coeur and seeing all of the artists in streets was one of my favorite moments. Next time I visit I will definitely be getting tickets for the Moulin Rouge! Adventurous Kate, an amazing travel blogger I follow, has a great post about the Moulin Rouge on her blog at:

3.) Buy a Paris Pass – I am sure everyone is tired of hearing me talk about how much I loved having a London Pass when I was in London, but there is also a Paris Pass! As I have explained a few times on my blog, if you prebuy the Paris Pass, you are essentially pre-buying your entry into multiple, if not all, the attractions that you want to see. I think this is a great way to spread the cost of the trip over time, and it makes you feel like you are spending less when you get there.

4.) Budget about $100.00 per day- I find that if you aren’t living large, this is a very comfortable estimate. I usually end up having either a very small breakfast or lunch, coupled with the Paris pass then you are basically spending the day buying snacks, trinkets/souvenirs, transportation, and dinner. Money can go fast, so stick with a big rough estimate that might leave you with a little extra at the end of every day. You’d be surprised how much the little things like water bottles and a crepe or two add up through out the day!

5.) Lastly- ENJOY! It’s Paris. Even if you don’t visit a single attraction, it will probably be the most magical week of your life. Stroll the Seine, eat crepes on the street, marvel at every gorgeous little thing that beautiful city has to offer! To this day it is still the most extraordinary trip of my life. So do not forget to enjoy!!

Do you have any tips for my friend on her first trip to Paris? Leave a comment below!


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