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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Celebrities, Fashion Icons, Hollywood | 0 comments

Style Inspiration: Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project

If you are a twentysomething girl who is not yet obsessed with Mindy Kaling’s television show ‘The Mindy Project’ you have seriously been missing out. ‘The Mindy Project’ is comedy writer Mindy Kaling’s first solo gig as writer, director, and star, and the show is seriously hilarious. Not only will you be laughing for a half an hour straight, you will be marveling at the Kate Spade/Jonathan Adler lifestyle that is Mindy’s character.

Mindy’s character is a successful obgyn, and luckily the show takes that opportunity to dress her in very upscale flirty, feminine looks. Mindy is all about sequins and bows, the absolute epitome of ‘Girlie’, and leaves me lusting for a shopping spree after every episode.

While I cannot find a great screen capture of THE date night dress they were arguing over, it was something sparkley akin to this dress which she also wore in the premiere.

The show also likes to poke fun about the difference between what styles men and women find attractive when in the premiere episode Mindy comes out of her office to show her coworkers her date outfit, which I of course loved, when a male doctor tells her that she looks like she is going to party with Elton John. The following dress is akin to what her coworker Danny would rather see her wear:

Again, not the same dress he had been suggesting, but the overall concept: a tight Herve Leger-like dress

It is also refreshing to see a female on television, not unlike Lena Dunham, who has actual healthy proportions. Finally I can see a look on a television actress I admire and know that I don’t need to be a size two to accomplish that same style. She is pretty much my spirit animal.

Her style is an endless sea of J.Crew sweaters, belts, and Peter Pan collars, and I am obsessed with it. I cannot wait for the show to return this fall!

Aren’t they so good together?

Also, on one last unrelated note, I really loved her Met Ball outfit, and I think her and B.J. Novak should get married. The end.

Look at that incredible outerwear! Dying.

Have you watched The Mindy Project?

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