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Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Beauty | 0 comments

Product Review: Dior Addict Lip Gloss in ‘Delice’

I mean how cute is this ad? It certainly made me want to buy lip gloss.

Lately when shopping for a beauty product I have been scanning user-reviews of it online first to see if it is worth the purchase. Because I have been mesmerized by all these Dior Addict Lip Gloss ads that have been out lately, I decided to finally take the leap and purchase one, and write my own little review.

Dior Addict ads are everywhere, but I hesitated in buying one because this lipgloss is a whopping $29.00 in Sephora. While most of my beauty products are designer lines like MAC, $29.00 is a great deal for lip gloss, considering you end up ingesting about 80% of any lip product anyway. Regardless, I got a Sephora Gift Card for graduation, and off to the Dior section I went.

I purchased one of the new colors called “Delice”. The color appears very peachy and sparkley in the bottle, but is not nearly as pigmented after application as I originally intended, but I purchased it anyway. There is a pretty high sparkle/glitter content to the gloss, which I also don’t usually go for, but I decided to try something new.

The packaging is the number one best thing about the Dior Addict Lip Gloss. It is absolutely beautiful, and I feel VERY fancy using it. That being said, I probably won’t spend the money on this lipgloss again. There is not enough pigment, and while it does not get as sticky as some lip glosses do, it doesn’t feel that special for $30.00. Lip glosses seem to be one of those run-of-the-mill products like Mascara, where it may not really matter if it is a drugstore brand or designer item. I personally happen to like Buxom glosses at a cheaper $20.00, as does MAC between $20-$15.00, or better yet Victoria Secret actually makes pretty good Lip gloss under $10.00- weird, but true. Dior? Meh. Save your hard earned dollars ladies! Spend the big bucks for the skincare products that make a difference.

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