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Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in Do It Yourself, Events, Featured, Holidays, Life, Weddings | 0 comments

Planning A Pinterest-Inspired Cherry Blossom Bridal Shower

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend who is getting married this September. The Bride’s two sisters and I have been in the process of planning this event for literally months, and I am so glad it has finally happened without a hitch and I can tell you all about the process!

Everybody had a great time!!

I was so lucky to be planning this event with two domestic goddesses that I have known forever. I could have never planned and executed this without them. These ladies can cook incredibly, bake, make everything from scratch, craft. They wowed me every step of the way. If you are lucky enough to have great people to plan a bridal shower with, it makes everything so much easier.

We did a lot of crafting!!

Our first step was to determine a theme. The bride’s wedding theme is very Asian-fusion, a lot of origami and Japanese hints everywhere. For the shower we really wanted a solid theme to build a party around, so we decided to hone in on the Asian fusion wedding with a ‘Cherry Blossom’ themed shower. This provided us with a great color scheme: pink, red, and white, tons of decorating and floral opportunities, as well as some food options. I love a theme!

The second step was to decide the kind of party you want to have. By some magical stroke of luck, we all just happened to want the party to flow the same way: we wanted a very cocktail party vibe that felt fresh and fun. Bridal showers today can seem so stale, we wanted people mingling, food flowing that people would feel free to pick at (or not), and plenty of drinks. We wanted fun, unique games, and we unanimously decided to save money by hosting it at someone’s home. We were also unanimous about a Pinterest-worthy dessert table that absolutely needed to happen- more on our use of Pinterest in a second…

We had two major summits to make most of the decisions- one early on to make the initial decisions, and one a week before the shower to finish executing. If I was going to give you any tips on planning a shower, however, I would be remiss if I did not mention Pinterest.

Here is a screen cap of our ‘Secret’ Pinterest Board that has since been made public!

Pinterest was the holy grail of our planning. Now on Pinterest (a media website where you can post pictures onto virtual vision boards) you can have secret boards. We all had so much inspiration from Pinterest, we created a Secret Board that only us three could see where we repinned ideas that we had. We amassed tons of ideas there, including all of the recipes for food, and even a few extravagant ideas that we couldn’t necessarily execute but that gave us inspiration.

I made this sign, on the left is the Pinterest version, on the right is the one I made!

That use of Pinterest was great, but as we all started shopping for different items for the party, we realized we could upload our own photos to the board! Not only did we have ideas others had pinned on Pinterest, but towards the end we could post status updates of things we had made so that everyone in our group could see. Pinterest was seriously the corner stone of this party.

We hung up giant lanterns and then clothes-pinned pictures of the bride and groom together in between!

Since we were having the shower at my house, we really wanted to compensate with a ton of decorations, which we did! There was crepe paper, tissue pom poms galore, tons of balloons! We really transformed the place. Everything was  pink, white, and red to go with the cherry blossom theme.

For our Mimosa Bar we had carafes labeled with Pineapple, Cranberry, and Orange Juices, as well as several bottles of Verdi, and three different kinds of fruit in adorable pink and red candy dishes I found at Michaels!

The piece de resistance was our dessert table and mimosa bar, both compliments of Pinterest. The Mimosa bar was a big hit, especially with the younger folks. We had three different kind of juices elegantly labeled in carafes, as well as different kinds of fruit to spoon into pink champagne flutes. Michaels and Party City were our mainstays during the planning process. Half of the decorations were from when I raided Michaels after Valentine’s Day for discount red items!

The favors were wine bottles painted to look like Cherry Blossom vases. An intensive labor of love.

For the favors I hand-painted wine bottles white, and then painted cherry blossoms on them. In total I made 21, and then another bridesmaid made tags with cherry blossoms printed on them that said, “Thank you for showering Amelia with Love” and the date. It was a labor of love, however, I wouldn’t reccomend doing this, I spent literally countless hours on these. I would say splurge and just buy something easier!

For the Newlywed game, the Groom had a white board to answer questions, and the Bride had to verbally answer, if their answers to personal questions like, “Who was the Bride’s best friend growing up?” didn’t match, then they each had to chew a giant piece of bubble gum! It was a hit.


For entertainment, we didn’t want the stale old cheesey games that no one likes playing. We instead hid little prizes under cake plates, on favors, and other various locations and when a guest happened upon a note that said, “See a Bridesmaid, You’ve won a prize!” we gave out cherry blossom scented bath goods. We DID however have the groom come half way through presents to play a surprise game with the Bride! We had the Bride sit slightly ahead of the groom, and we asked them questions Newlywed Game-style. The groom wrote his answer on a white board, and the Bride had to verbally match his response. For everyone they got wrong, they each had to chew a giant piece of bubble gum.

Undoubtedly the high point was the answer to, “Where was your first kiss?”


By the end they both had a lotttttt of bubble gum in their mouths….mission accomplished!

The game was a big hit. By the end of the game their mouths were so full of gum they could barely answer, and it made for many laughs!! It was a great surprise way to freshen up a Bridal Shower and make it memorable!

The Bride had a great time, and that is all I could ask for!

The party could not have gone better. The Bride had a blast, and the party went exactly as planned.
You can see the Pinterest Board where we planned my friend’s entire shower on my pinterest page at:

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