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Posted by on May 14, 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

Traveling In Style…What Not To Do

Look at that big ol’ plasticey Kathy bag on RODEO!

Sometimes I look at older pictures from trips and reminisce about the magic of that time in my life….other times I look at them and say to myself, “What was I thinking?” Never in terms of the trip, of course! Simply in the method or style of travel. I’ve come a long way in the last few years, and you pick up many a travel tip along the way. I thought it’d be fun to look back on some not too-cute moments like…

That bag was huge! What did I even have in there that I felt compelled to carry it all around Los Angeles?

…the time I walked around Los Angeles all day with a gigantic pleathery handbag that weight a TON, looked pretty tacky, and stuck to my skin as I sweated in that California heat. Yuck. What would I rock now?

Try a cross body bag instead to free up your hands for photo-taking and general shenanigans.

For a while I was doing the wristlet thing, which is still a good option, but most of the time I prefer a cross-body bag. I keep all of the more important things in the little zipped pockets inside and like to keep the pouch of the cross body in the direct front of my body so I don’t leave the zipper unattended. But this leaves me hands-free for photo taking and is much less bulky.

What was I thinking? And that big purse again?

…My embarrassingly crazy plane outfit on my first-ever flight? Oh the horror. I had just graduated high school, did not have a stylish bone on my body, apparently. I wore black leggings, a pink tunic-style tank, with socks and sneakers for comfort on the plane. Hideous! I didn’t even change at my hotel- I continued to walk around in that once I reached NOLA! Oh man.

Now? I have a pretty uniform way of dressing on planes- simple flats, comfortable jeans, a black vneck, sweater, and a pashmina. Style and comfort in one!

I’m not saying I didn’t look okay, but I was uncomfortable, and in hindsight I could have enjoyed my birthday more if I had been more comfortable in my clothes!

….That time I teetered around in sky high heels and an uncomfortably short dress at my 21st birthday in Las Vegas? Eesh. GIRL! That’s what I say to myself in my head when I look at those pictures. I love those high heeled Manolos, but they are cab to curb shoes, not for walking miles around the Venetian looking for a place to have my first birthday drink. And that dress! Can I just confess to you we did not go to a club that night! I wore that to a show. I look at the girls that walk around Atlantic City now thinking those girls are trying too hard– but boy have I been there!

Keepin it classier in Vegas the second time around…what a difference a year makes!

Now I try to keep it classy. If I am baring my shoulders there is no reason to have legs for days, and vice versa.

By now I had the cross body down….but not the rest! Eek! I’m wearing sneakers with this…by the way.

Lastly, the time that NOT that long ago, I decided the Florida humidity was excuse enough to let the frizz fly and wear any old baggy tank top and ripped denim shorts I could find. Disney is a particularly hard to trip to pack for, honestly. It’s hot, but you don’t reallly have the option to wear a dress if you’re going to be riding rides. You have to wear sneakers more or less, again because of the rides. It makes dressing for style a little harder. I still think I could have tried harder though.

My first day in Disney was a bit better. Adding a tshirt rather than a tank when you’re wearing shorts conceals some skin, making this look just a hint more stylish.

In hindsight, I might have combated the frizzy hair with some braids like I did a few months later in the caribbean. I also might have found slightly classier shorts and a more form fitting tank. I think I got it a little bit better in the photo above, and then the next day I just let all hell break loose. I really couldn’t tell you what I was thinking.

One final tip- a classic trench is ALWAYS a good idea. It’s referred to as being classic for a reason- you can’t go wrong.

Live and learn ladies, live and learn.

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