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Posted by on May 2, 2013 in London, Travel | 0 comments

The Globe Theater

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Back to your regularly scheduled programming- LONDON! One of the major attractions I had wanted to see in London was the Globe Theater. I had just assumed that this replica of the original Shakespearean theater from the 1500s had been there for decades, and had always been a major sight on London must-see lists.

In truth, rebuilding the Globe had been an idea since the 1950s and it did not reach completion until the late 1990s. A man named Sam Wanamaker had visited London in 1949, and went searching for the original sight of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Upon traveling to the Bankside, Wanamaker discovered that the Globe had burnt down, and all that remained in its place was a small plaque stating that this was once the site of the theater. Disappointed, he decided to build a replica of the famous theater, and as I meantioned, it took decades to finally come to fruition.

Current props used by the Globe


Elizabethan Costumes!

The result is SO AWESOME. For any history or literary nerd, it is a dream come true! The Globe Theater takes you right back to Shakespeare’s time. There is an exhibit that explains the history of the theater and includes current props that the actors use today.

A dressing demonstration!

They also have a large atrium type room where they host cool little events for people waiting for the tour. While we were waiting for our tour of the Globe to start, we saw a dressing demonstration using costume props from the show. The costume designers take people from the audience and show how a traditional Elizabethan woman would have dressed.

“Doubt thou that the stars are fire, doubt thou that the sun doth move”….have I mentioned to you guys lately how super nerdy I am when it comes to Shakespeare?

The tour takes you inside the theater, and you sit in the seats listening to a very knowledgeable tour guide. The tour costs money, although it is covered in the London Pass. I would recommend it for anyone with an interest in literature, history, or Shakespeare, you get to learn many cool facts!

Like so nerdy I read the part of Hamlet when my English class read Hamlet aloud?

The Globe still puts on performances, and does so in as much of the old world way it would have been done as possible. There is no roof to the Globe Theater, as it was back in Shakespeare’s time. If it rains, there is no shelter, and they never cancel a show. In the time of the original Globe there was no electricity, so shows were only performed in the daylight. There are lights in the Globe replica so that they may perform at night, but only enough light to mimic daylight, there are no fancy colored lights or spotlights. These modern concessions do not seem to hurt the old world feeling of the replica!

Ceiling of the stage!


Excited at the Globe tour!

The tour also takes you to higher seating in the theater, and allows you to take pictures on the floor of the Globe. I thought this tour was great and I would highly recommend it!

Inside the Globe Theater!

Would the Globe Theater be on your must-see list in London?

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