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Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Fashion Friday | 2 comments

Fashion Friday: My Stitch Fix Review

Got my first fix!

I have an extremely fashionable friend who has been telling me to schedule a Stitch Fix for literally months. My friend is extremely chic, and always somehow on the forefront of fashion and beauty, so of course she knew about Stitch Fix long before anyone else. When she signed up she immediately sent me an invite- as the company is still in beta it is invitation only- and then I let the invite linger in my inbox for several months.

They send you all kinds of adorable notes and envelopes in the packaging. It’s seriously adorable.

For those of you unaware, Stitch Fix is a new website that provides girls with virtual styling! Once you get an invite, you log onto Stitch Fix and complete a fun comprehensive profile about your style. The profile is very fun to fill out, and they really cover all of the bases. You answer questions like your size, what body parts you like to flaunt, which you keep covered, what is your style like now, what do you want your style to be more like. It takes quite a few minutes to fill out, and by the end you feel like the folks at Stitch Fix will really get a handle on your style.

Everything makes it feel really personal, like you really do have a stylist out there!

THEN, you schedule a ‘fix!’ When you schedule a fix, you pay $20.00 for a stylist at Stitch Fix to review your profile, pick out clothes tailored to your styling needs, and mail 5 pieces of this clothing to you. The clothing is for purchase, each piece costs a pretty penny, but your $20.00 styling fee goes towards any clothing you want to keep. The only downside is if you don’t want any of these pieces, even if it is because they don’t fit, you lose that $20.00. Because I took so long to schedule my first fix after signing up, I was also awarded a $10.00 credit to also go towards my clothes.

First of all, despite all of the money you may or may not spend- the process is FUN! Who doesn’t love getting snail mail that isn’t a bill? Not to mention the packaging is ADORABLE.

The clothes all come folded and tissue papered neatly. They also come with a list of the items they sent you, and their prices.

And now…. onto the CLOTHES! You are sent 5 items, and at least one of them is an accessory unless you select that you would rather not be sent accessories. I received a blazer, a tank top, a blouse, a ring, and capri pants. I apologize for the selfie-worthy quality of the following photos:

The back of this blouse was beautiful, but the fit just wasn’t right.

You can see how short the front is! I’m not into it!

I really liked this white blouse, the top of the back was all lace, and the front was shorter than the back. Unfortunately, it was just a hair too small, and I have a very long torso, so the whole short in the front/long in the back trend doesn’t always look great on me. I was VERY close to keeping this though. I really did like it.

If the print had been any other, I might have kept this tank top. The fabric was really nice and a little stretchy. All of their clothes really are top-quality.

This tank top was very high quality, but I just thought it was ugly, to be honest. It fit right and was very comfortable, but the lime green embroidery over blue stripes was so not me. This item perplexed me the most. I indicated several times in my profile that I was looking for some very classic pieces, staple items I could wear again and again. I think I even wrote “Jackie O” in the comment section. Could we be further from that in this tank top?

It was cute, but certainly not for $40.00. It was adjustable for god’s sake!

Every item comes with a laminated card about the item, who makes it and how to style it. The clothing comes with a photo of how to style the piece with other clothes.

This little gold ring was cute, but overpriced for what it was. Also I received orange capri pants that were very cute but too small.

I tried this blazer on and off for days until I took it for a test run. There is an asymmetrical cut in the front that makes it really fun and unique.

Lastly, I got this pink blazer. This amazing, on trend, chic pink blazer. And here is where I get around to talking about price… All of the clothes are very high quality, and that means you are not getting Forever 21 prices. The cheapest item in my box was that ring which costs $38.00, so minus the credits I would still be paying $18.00. Unfortunately due to the nature of this business, they have a lot of costs to recoup- the styling labor, mailing the package to you, the prepaid return shipping fee. It makes for a pricey endeavor.

Pink Blazer from Stitch Fix, a pretty penny, but worth it!

The cool thing about Stitch Fix is you get 4 days to keep your items, decide what you like, try things on with other items in your closet, and decide what you want. I was really torn on the blazer, priced at a whopping $88.00. That doesn’t sound like a crazy amount of money, I can’t remember the last time I spent that much on a fashion item, if ever. I really liked it though, it was certainly great quality, and I knew that it would become a go-to piece in my wardrobe if I kept it.

To be honest with ya’all, I just stuck the tags inside and took it on a test drive to my internship one day. The longer I wore it, the more I loved it, and I got complimented on it instantly by multiple people that day. I decided to splurge and get this blazer, though nothing else. Since then I have worn it countless times, it has become a major spring piece in my wardrobe, I get complimented on it all the time.

When you are done trying on your fix, you just seal up the pre-paid shipping back they give you and mail the clothes back. Then the minute you log onto your stitch fix account, there is a survey to fill out about what you are keeping and why, what you are sending back and why. The process is very stream-lined.

Of course, you saw all of these photos on Instagram a while ago if you are following me on @Ferocia !

So here is the long and short of it: the process is super fun to do. I would recommend doing it once for fun, because getting surprise clothes in the mail is really exciting! Other than that, it’s risky in the sense that if you don’t like anything you are out $20.00, and you kind of feel forced to purchase something because of this. However, it’s nice trying things on and having a few days to decide, as well as being able to try things on with everything you own in your closet.

This is just one of the ways I have styled this blazer since I bought it- again I apologize for poor photo quality. Selfie-city!

I’ve been telling myself for a while now that I would start spending more on high quality pieces than buying tons of trendy crap from Forever 21. Stitch Fix forced me to stay true to this idea. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I go it frequently? No! My wallet can’t take the hit! I didn’t feel like overall they sent me a lot of the JCrew/Classic style I requested, but supposedly the boxes get better over time.

Would you get a Stitch Fix?? Did you enjoy your Stitch Fix experience?? Tell me about it below!
See how I styled this blazer in a later post at:


  1. I LOVE the blazer, it looks great on you, and $88 for a really nice blazer is not a lot to spend at all (just think of it this way, would you rather have one amazing blazer or 2-3 that are just meh, and fall apart in a year or two?). In fact I love it so much I might just request it in my next fix.

    • Nora, thank you so much for the comment!! I am seriously in love with this blazer, I need to stop being so cheap when it comes to clothing. I completely agree that one great piece is worth the money, and you can tell in the stitching and lining that it’s made well! : ) Keep me posted if you end up getting one!!

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