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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Featured, London, Travel | 0 comments

The Disappointing Tower Bridge Experience

This was our five minutes of sunshine in London!

There are a lot of Bankside attractions that we wanted to see, which were just a short ride on the tube from our hotel. We loved the tube, we took it everywhere!

The Tower Bridge is pretty spectacular from far away. It’s a big, iconic London attraction that we had to see! We did not know what to expect from ‘The Tower Bridge Experience’, which is an attraction built in the Tower Bridge, but it was covered in our London Passes, so we headed out that way one morning!

After walking the half hour across the Golden Gate Bridge last year (it took 30 minutes one way), the Tower Bridge seems really short. It’s really not that big up close! Although the blue hues on the Bridge are very bright up close. You can walk across the bottom of the bridge, but to get on the platform that goes across the top of the bridge, you have to have tickets to the Tower Bridge Experience.

Honestly, the Tower Bridge Experience was a complete bust. I would say it was my least favorite attraction in all of London- it’s reallllyyy lame. If our London Pass did not cover it, I would have been really disappointed to spend money on this, and if you are going to London I highly suggest you skip it.

You buy your tickets and then watch a short little 3D video in the first tower about the making of the Bridge. When I say short, I think it is about six minutes long.

This is what the walk across the top of the bridge looks like…lame!

Then you walk across the top, which is a completely enclosed space. You can’t see too much because there are too many beams and plexiglass in the way. It’s so bad, they give you a little cut out space in the plexiglass to stick your camera in so you get a good picture. The whole walk just has pictures of famous bridges, which isn’t very spectacular, I can always google that! I don’t need to pay to get on the Tower Bridge to see pictures of other bridges!

The Engine Rooms for the Tower Bridge. I am sure they are very interesting to some….

Then you walk down the other side, with another dumb little movie, and that’s it!! You can also go slightly off the bridge into the Engine Rooms of the Bridge which are covered in your London Pass. For me personally, not being interested in machines or steam engines, I did not find it interesting.

Next we went to the Tower of London!!


Walking across the Bridge is free, save your money and just do that! The next post up will be about the Tower of London, though, and that’s one you won’t want to miss!!

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