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Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in Featured, London, Travel | 0 comments

Bucket List Moment: Big Ben & The London Eye

I enjoy starting a city trip with a bus tour, it gives you the lay of the land. In London the traffic is obscene, so the bus tour was fun, but we kept getting stuck in the same circles over and over again. The traffic circles are out of control there! We had fun, but as soon as we saw Big Ben and Parliament for the first time we got right off the bus. Seeing Big Ben is like seeing the Eiffel Tower, what an iconic moment! It’s like seeing a photograph come to life.

My friend and I at Big Ben on the Thames!

Big Ben is beautiful! Similar to Westminster Abbey, the detail is extraordinary! Big Ben is across from the London eye on the other side of a bridge. I always imagined that the big famous Tower Bridge would be right around that area too, but it’s actually much farther down the river.

We took probably 100 a pictures of Big Ben and Parliament between the two of us. It’s so glorious in person! You can’t go in Big Ben, you can visit the inside of Parliament but we chose not to. We were excited to get on the London Eye!

We were so excited!!

The London Eye is gigantic! Riding the London Eye was on my Bucket List, and it always feels so good to cross something off the List! I always thought it looked like so much fun– and it was!

Riding the Eye!!


The view from near the top!

The line for the Eye wasn’t so bad, my friend and I were traveling off-season. You wait in line and then are ushered into this giant pod with about 10 other people. The pod felt very spacious, and it moves really slowly. It was not scary, except when we reached the very tip top! You can’t feel the pod moving, but the wind was blowing really fiercely on the top and you could hear it. Being so high up, it’s a little jarring. Otherwise, the ride was fine!

At the top!


The entire ride takes about a half of an hour but it goes by so quickly! The view on top is beautiful, the London skyline isn’t that pretty though. It must be very beautiful at night!

We didn’t ride the Eye at night, but I DID get some snaps of Big Ben at night, and it was unbelievable! I had a hard time getting a good photo, the lighting was strange, but it’s stunning!

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