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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Anne Hathaway, Award Shows, Celebrities, Charliza Theron, Jennifer Lopez | 0 comments

2013 Oscar Sunday

The Red carpet 2013 season was amaze!

I come from a family of movie-buffs. I grew up watching a ton of movies, and Oscar Sunday was always a big deal. While in recent years I have become much more obsessed with the red-carpet aspect, I will always watch the Oscars, no matter how lame the shows may be getting.

This year for Oscar fashion I really thought that everyone really brought their A-game, I have to say! I usually am pretty critical of celebrities not taking risks on the red carpet, or not taking advantage of the one opportunity in fashion for drama, but I was shocked this year: I loved everything! There are of course, one or two major disappointments- I am looking at you Anne Hathaway- but for the most part I was pleased!

Jessica Chastain was one of the first major stars on the carpet Sunday night, and she slayed. Chastain wore an Armani Prive that fit her like a glove, and the old Hollywood hair was perfect. The material hugged her in all the right places, she looked SO glam. Honestly, aside from her huge misstep at the Globes, Jessica Chastain is slowly becoming a fashion icon to look for on the red carpet!


Amy Adams stunned me. I thought she looked like perfection, and that dress was SO Oscar De La Renta- dramatic, classic, feminine. The ruffles towards the bottom of this powder blue wonder made the dress so interesting, the whole look was very Grace Kelly. She looked heavenly.

Kerry Washington wore a hot pink Miu Miu number that was so modern and fresh. The bedazzled bodice looked so young, and fun. You do not often see Miu Miu on a red carpet, but it was such a fresh surprise. The hot pink against her skin? Love love love. All three of those ladies were a perfect ten.


Everyone on Twitter was freaking about how great Halle Berry’s dress was, but honestly, I didn’t think it was all that! All I kept thinking about was Jennifer Lopez’s nude dress from last year’s Oscars….it looks the same you guys! I don’t see what all the fuss was about.

I am undecided about Jennifer Garner’s dress….I think I liked it? I know I didn’t hate it….hmm….

I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

Charlize Theron, I also didn’t see what the big deal was. Neither Berry or Theron looked bad, I am just saying, it wasn’t all that. Also, Theron’s hair looked horrible. I am not saying that she can’t pull off a pixie cut, but I AM saying she can’t pull off a blonde pixie cut with dark roots. Not to mention her outfit at last year’s Oscars was so exquisite, it’s hard for her to top that with this terrible hair and a white dress.

Best Dressed!!

But you know who DID look amazing in white? My girl Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence gets my BEST DRESSED for the Oscars. Going white is a challenge, you have to end up looking couture without being bridal. Lawrence nailed it! The modern twist with the necklace going down the back, perfect hair. This Dior haute couture look was perfect for her first ever Oscar win! By the way, if you haven’t seen Silverlinings Playbook, you should, it’s so good! Absolutely the best dressed!

My Best Dressed runner up was Naomi Watts! We saw a lot of shimmer on the carpet, but none so glam as Watts! Her gunmetal metallic was like silk on her body, and that neckline is amaze. Simply stunning!

My Worst Dressed is absolutely, without a doubt, Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway has been the biggest disappointment the entire Oscar season. I think Mrs.Zoe is too busy with Jennifer Lawrence to give a care in the world- that is the only reason that she would let Anne come to the Oscar’s in this washed out disaster. This Prada could easily show up in a red carpet slideshow from 1992. The jewelry is all wrong- who puts a necklace on a dress with that high of a neckline? Not to mention the necklace hangs in the back, which the back of the dress is a disaster. The pale pink color is awful on her. Supposedly she was supposed to wear Valentino and changed her mind at the last second….poor choice, Anne!

Kate Winslet, now SHE had an adorable Oscar speech.

The whole show was a bore, not one exciting thing happened. And when Anne looked at her Oscar and said, “It came true!” I threw up in my mouth. In trying to explain why Anne has been so irritating all season, I referenced one of the most joy-inducing, genuine Oscar acceptance speeches ever, Kate Winslet (I think it was last year) where she was totally breathless, so excited, and shouted to her dad to whistle, and he did and she cheered. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Or Halle Berry, who ugly-cried because the moment was so meaningful, she could barely get a word out. …And then we have Anne, who unfortunately, totally knew she was going to win, and said, “It came true.” The most rehearsed thing I have ever heard in my life. Blegh.

Jennifer Lawrence wins the Oscars.

But Jennifer Lawrence fell, and still managed to be perfect, and real, and adorable, so let’s give it up for her!

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