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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Concerts, Inspiration, Lady Gaga, Quotes | 0 comments

Lately Loving

I have been day dreaming of the Carribbean….all I want is sunshine, my man, and a mai tai right about now!

Lately I cannot stop dreaming of the Caribbean…and London- which is approaching quickly.  Some weeks there just seems to be uncontrollable drama blowing up everywhere! As a non confrontational person who believes in zen-happy-living and the power of positive thoughts, it still can be hard not get pulled into the surrounding whirlpools of drama. London cannot come soon enough, I just keep saying to myself- Imma do me! I will keep doing my thing, working hard, playing hard and living in love, baby! So here are all of the things I have been Lately Lovin’…

Lately loving…my Nasty gal Boneyard Blouse! I don’t know where my love of skull-anything comes from, but I can’t help it! I got this for Christmas from my boyfriend and it’s perfect.

Loving…Forever 21 aviators, I don’t know why I stopped wearing aviators, I feel so good when I wear them, like this cool, seventies movie star. These aviators will definitely be my summer jam!

I love flowers…I am one lucky lady!

Loving the beautiful roses and necklace I received for Valentine’s Day. I am one lucky gal!

I feel like I won the lottery getting these tickets!

I can’t even believe I am typing this, but I am also lately loving that I got tickets to the BEYONCE TOUR! I logged on the second that this blessed event went on presale. I tried in vain for 45 minutes to get tickets to the Barclays show because you KNOW Jay Z will come out, but I couldn’t get any. Finally I got desperate and searched any location for her tour in a 4 hour radius, and got tickets to The Mrs.Carter World Tour show in Boston! I will be sitting so high up Beyonce will look like an ant, and I have to drive all the way to Boston, and it’s not until this summer…but by god I will be there!!

The footage of Blue Ivy is incredible, she is the most perfect blend of Bey and Jay…but the moment when Jay and Bey sing Coldplay’s “Yellow” to each other? My heart was literally exploding!

While I am fanning out about Beyonce, I am also Lately Loving- nay-obsessed with- the onslaught of Beyonce-everything lately. I was having a seriously tumultuous night when the Beyonce Oprah interview AND Beyonce documentary aired, but I tuned in and salivated as if I hadn’t a care in the world. Beyonce is the ultimate role model: smart, fierce, empowering, a mogul- a singer, dancer, producer. Who run the world? Beyonce.

Lastly NOT loving that Lady Gaga canceled her ENTIRE TOUR due to an injury. Although I have seen her twice before, my boyfriend and I had tickets to two different tour dates for the Born This Way Ball. I am especially bummed because my boyfriend had tickets once three years ago and she also canceled on him! Lady Gaga, why don’t you want my boyfriend to be a Little Monster?!

I now leave you with Kermit the Frog meditating. Have a Kermit the Frog-Meditating kind of day.

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