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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Do It Yourself, Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: JCrew Look for Less

Polka Dot Sweater/Chambray Shirt/Pink messenger bag/Gap Boyfriend Jeans

I feel like my closet is a bit of a hot mess. If you went through my closet, you would be able to say that I greatly love the color black…and that is about it. I am sort of all over the place in my style. This past summer I was wearing shorty shorts and a camisole with a crop top when I looked around and saw countless fourteen year olds sportin’ the same thing…quite a rude awakening. I furiously texted my friend that I cannot believe I left the house like that (albeit, I was only at the mall) and swore I would ramp up my style to reflect my 23 years on this Earth.

If I could I would look like this everyday.

I decided to attempt to zero in on a style that I always admire and stick with it. So here’s what: I am not tossing out every single thing in my closet, but you bet I will be more selective about future pieces. The truth is, I am obsessed with classic, feminine, JCrew style. I may like to put a little utilitarian, black, New York spin on things because I don’t love looking like neon sherbert, but I still love classic style. When Taylor Swift started dating a Kennedy and pulling out all of those boat neck striped sweaters I was dying! She is my new style spirit animal.

In my JCrew Factory sweater that I got for less than $20.00!

My most favorite discovery for this type of style was a link I clicked on the style blog ‘Penny Pincher fashion‘ (a new favorite) to JCrew Factory. This is a sort of outlet-style site for JCrew as far as I understand, and I managed to get the sweater featured above for under $20.00. I just think there is something clean and classic about the look that other styles don’t achieve. I love boho chic, but it just isn’t my jam! Give me Jackie O for days.

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