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Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Anne Hathaway, Award Shows, Fashion Friday, Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, SAG Awards | 0 comments

Best Looks of the 2013 Awards Season

Emily Blunt gets an honorable mention..I loved this fierce dress!

I have been so lazy ya’all! I am so busy watching and tweeting and texting over the red carpet during award shows, blogging about them sometimes seems too big a task. Once one gets away from me they all start floating away! This year I just decided to amass a list of my favorite looks from the entire season excluding the Oscar’s, which I hope I will post fully about when it airs.


My favorite dress of the Golden Globes was Downtown Star Michelle Dockery, and I still think it’s one of the best looks of the award season. I love white and gold on the red carpet, and this look was just so modern and exquisite.

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonAnother look I truly loved at the Golden Globes was Julianne Hough. From head to toe I love it. It’s not like Julianne is going to be invited to the Oscars, so I thought it was awesome of her to get super glammed out! The dress was a really fun risk, but she downplayed the fancy-factor with some edgy hair and earrings. Loved it!

Best dressed 2013 red carpet season

I didn’t purposely feature only white dresses…I just thought they all looked the best!

Usually I find Jennifer Lopez very predictable, but she really killed at the 2013 Golden Globes. She was dramatic, sexy, and still classy in a lacy see through number that hugged her in all the right places. She werked it.

Best dressed 2013 red carpet season

It’s amazing how using one accessory uniquely can change everything! I am obsessed with Amanda Seyfriend’s SAG award look.

One of the few dresses to absolutely dazzle me at the SAG awards was Amanda Seyfried. If she had done traditional jewelry, this would have been any other very pretty navy form fitting dress. The cool long necklace made it so over-the-top chic. That was a really fun way to jazz up a red carpet dress! Seyfriend was perfection.

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonI know it’s nothing crazy, but I really liked Lea Michele’s SAG look. It was flirty, fun, and feminine. Very nice Lea!

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonThe Grammys had so much good fashion that I don’t even know where to begin. Breasts were all the rage! Rhianna’s see-through couture Azzendine Alia was stunning, and the deep red was breath taking on her. I don’t love her long circa-SOS-hairstyle, but we can let that slide.

The more I saw her look, the more obsessed with it I became. This is also one of the most memorable looks of the season, you never see mint on the carpet!

Katy Perry’s outfit was out of this world awesome. Katy said she was channeling Priscilla Presley, one of my favorite vintage style icons, and the mint color was a dream. For the Grammys, I want people to go all out but also stay a little rock and roll, and Katy struck that perfect balance!

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonShockingly enough, I thought that Kelly Rowland was the best dressed at the Grammys- believe me when I tell you those are words that I never thought that I would say. That dress was impeccable on her, and sexy without being slutty. She nailed it!

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonI also just need to mention that I love Florence Welch, and she can wear whatever the hell she wants and look divine in it. I LOVED her custom couture green dinosaur Givenchy and I don’t care WHO knows it! I loved the spikes, it’s the freaking Grammys! Take a risk! Love love love.

Best dressed 2013 red carpet seasonThe best pregnancy red carpet chic goes to Kristen Bell. Not since Angie Jo has someone worked that baby bump! I was obsessed with this look.

Best dressed 2013 red carpet season

Anne Hathaway is BORING us on the red carpet. As a nominee, she really should have stepped it up. I usually love her choices but this whole season has been blah!

The most disappointing for the red carpet season has definitely been Anne Hathaway. If Rachel Zoe is too busy designing clothes to style them then our friend needs to march her behind to Mr.Brad Goreski who has time for her. Anne Hathaway is someone I usually look forward to seeing, and this season she has bored me to tears. As a nominee I think we all expected more from her.

Amy Adams, Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfriend, and a few others wore a variation of this dress to the Golden Globes this year. It was kind of pretty…I just think that nude pink is a hard color to pull off…

The overall trends have definitely been that nude/ballet slipper pink color and navy. Multiple A-List celebs showed up to the Golden Globes in a nude/pale pink, and navy just keeps cropping up everywhere. I have to say this year for the most past I have been impressed. I was really bored with the red carpet last year but this time around they are really dazzling me!

Best dressed 2013 red carpet season

Another honorable mention: Jennifer Garner looking ravishing in red at the 2013 Golden Globes!

I can’t wait to see what the Oscars has in store for us!

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