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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Featured, Inspiration, Quotes, Travel | 0 comments

Travel Deals for Spring 2013

“My eyes are starving for beauty,” said the great Andre Leon Talley, one of the opening quotes of the documentary “The September Issue.” At this very moment, I could not agree more. As the new year opens it’s arms to us, I am feeling more invigorated than ever about travel. My eyes are starving for beauty, and my mind is starving for adventure and exploration! I have resolved to control my spending on unnecessary things, and really reign my wallet in tight. I can’t wait to start traveling this year, where ever the road takes me!

On my Royal Caribbean cruise in 2010! I love Royal Caribbean.

I started scouring the internet for deals to places, and if you are open to taking a cruise this spring, the options are endless! When I first went on a cruise to Bermuda two years ago, most of the reviews were in favor of Royal Caribbean. We had an excellent experience cruising with them, so I personally only look at Royal Caribbean deals. When I find something I like, I stick to it.

The deals for the upcoming spring are incredible. I found a 7 day Mediterranean cruise from Italy to Greece, Turkey, and back to Italy for the bargain price of $499.00 for an inside room. What is incredible about this price is that while it does not include airfare, this is the chance to see three countries with hotel completely paid for, as well as meals. Because this is a European cruise, there is only one day where you are completely at sea, as opposed to a lot of Caribbean cruises that spend multiple days at sea.

As someone who is dying to travel more of Europe, I find this to be an incredibly viable option. Flight would be separate, but you would not have to pay for the travel expenses to go between different cities, you would not have to worry about keeping track of multiple bookings. It looks pretty amazing to me!

There is nowhere like Paris, who the hell cares if it’s freezing?

Resort prices seem to have soared for the winter. The costs start climbing back down towards late January and into early spring. When I went to Paris a few years ago I went in March, and though it was cold, the price was spectacular. This is the low season for travel in a lot of the world. Kids are back in school, everyone has already used their vacation in the winter, everyone is back to work. It may be cold in Europe, but it is worth the price difference! One of my best friends has recently booked an incredibly cheap trip to Ireland through a travel agent for March.

My 2013 Mantra, among others.

Don’t let this be your winter of discontent! If there is somewhere you have always wanted to go…now may be the time!

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