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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Featured, Holidays, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s

The Bergdorf Windows this year were on another level!

No one does the holiday season like New York. There is no where that makes you feel more alive than the top of Fifth Avenue right by the park at Christmas time. I look forward to seeing the Bergdorf Goodman windows all year long, and this year they were OUTSTANDING!

The theme for the 2012 Bergdorf Windows was ‘The Follies’, a very turn of the century jazzy theme that I think is subconsciously getting all of us geared up for the Great Gatsby movie opening this month!

I did not think they could be better than last year, but they truly took my breath away this year- the best they have ever been. An explosion of creativity and glamour.



These windows were unbelievable, definitely the best out of all the department stores. Don’t get me wrong- they ALWAYS are- but this year I found Saks 5th Avenue particularly disappointing. Every year they seem to take the child-like animatronics too far. I think they should stick to a little more high fashion, and leave the kid-friendly displays to Macy’s. Honestly, the windows at Saks were such a disappointment they really are not even worthy of a few photos here.

Next up…Bloomingdale’s Cirque-themed Windows!

I don’t usually make it over to the flagship Bloomingdale’s store because it is not on Fifth, but further across town. I always come from the West side, but this year we hiked over to the East side as well, and just happened upon Bloomies.

How beautiful?


I might have to start making Bloomies an official stop on the annual NYC Christmas tour because their windows were a lot of fun! This year they had a Cirque Du Soliel theme in preparation for the movie coming out.

A Cirque Du Soliel ‘O’ Themed Christmas Window at Bloomingdales!

It was kind of magical seeing some of my favorite Cirque shows (particularly O!) come to life in a New York City window.

This year I thought that a lot of Fifth Avenue stores decided to switch things up. Bulgari doesn’t usually have a brightly lit serpent on the exterior, and it made for quite a dazzling display. They are right across the street from Bergdorf Goodman, and it lit the entire block up!

Maybe everyone is turning it out for the last holiday before the world ends? I don’t know. If it is the end on December 21st, then scatter my ashes at Bergdorfs!

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