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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Holidays | 0 comments

Lately Loving

I studied until my eye balls fell out of my head. I deserve those As damn it!

…The ecstatic feeling of seeing A’s after such a long, arduous semester….it makes all the hours of studying worth it!

Finally learning to curl my hair with a curling iron like a grown up.

…The new curling technique my faboosh protege of a cousin (who is only 14 and already has more styling prowess than me) taught me! She is an amazing girl and she is helping me figure out the riddle of the curling iron.

How amazing is THIS?

…Lately Loving my hand-made Alexander McQueen-inspired Armadillo shoe ornament gifted to me by some amazing (and crafty!) friends!! It’s going to be my favorite ornament for a long time to come. Gifts like this show me how much my true friends really know me!!

…Loving the gorgeous Christmas tree at my house! Nothing says Christmas like a giant brightly lit tree.

These Dior glasses were far out of my price range, but I am hoping to get something similar-ish from Warby Parker this weekend! I will keep you posted!

…And lastly, not loving the fact that I need glasses, but loving the fact that I get a new accessory to look adorable in- it’s all about perspective!

My man trimming our weird little electric blue Christmas tree!

I can’t wait for Christmas to get here! How about you?

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