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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Holidays | 0 comments

Hello, December!

Found on Tumblr and I am obsessed!

I love December. There is something so magical about the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day that is indescribable. after January 1st, the rest of winter seems so dreary. It’s a shame we only like to dress up the cold with sparkle and glitter for one month out of the year. I LOVE Christmas trees- adorned with ornaments I have collected from around the world- I love sequins and how it’s totally acceptable to wear them at any time during December. s. Also, I love parties that involve all you can eat cheese and five different kinds of wine.

Last year I felt that Christmas snuck up on me too quick. I was eating dinner at Thanksgiving, and as soon as I got up it was Christmas Eve and we were opening presents. This year, I wanted to be very cognizant of Christmas’s sweet descent upon us. I wanted to approach the season with reverence, awe, and just appreciate the moment.

I have relished every moment of December, slowing down just a little on my late drive home to coast by houses glowing with lights, drinking hot chocolate whenever the moment presents itself, and making sure that I take in all the beauty of every Christmas tree I see. If this holiday teaches us anything, it is a lesson in being present, and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us at every moment.

Found on Pinterest!

Next year I hope to bake more and hand-make more gifts to immerse myself even more in the season, but I won’t worry about that until next December! Until then, throw on your favorite Christmas movie- White Christmas, Love Actually, Serendipity, Meet Me In St.Louis- cuddle up on the couch, and pour yourself another hot chocolate!

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