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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Gifts, Holidays | 0 comments

‘Cause It’s My Favorite Holiday

If I could sum up my Christmas in three words, it would be: wine, cheese, perfection. This holiday season I ate, drank, decorated, was excruciatingly merry and cheerful, I wrapped, laughed, ice-skated, baked (just kidding), and then drank some more. I savored each and every moment of the holiday and had the ultimate Christmas. Now I am officially ready to bunker down in a remote tropical corner of the world, sip some mai tais, and wait for summer to come back.

In all seriousness, Christmas this year just seemed extra wonderful for whatever reason. Not that Christmas is all about the presents…but I got some pretty amazing, really thoughtful gifts. I got the Michael Kors watch of my dreams, a beautiful 4 piece luggage set that has me ready to travel the world, two Nasty Gal Skull blouses I was dying for, and the new Grace Coddington memoir. I am already 1/3 of the way through Grace Coddington’s incredible autobiography because it is seriously out of this world AMAZE, and I implore all of my fellow fashion divas to run out to buy it.

I also had a great holiday because I got to see (almost) everyone I love in the span of three days! There are always a few unavoidable moments of family awkwardness- but isn’t that what the wine is for?

Not to put a weird morbid twist on things- but given all of the recent tragedies that racked the East Coast, I just kept thinking that this holiday season was one to really appreciate, for the simple reason that I am lucky enough to get to spend Christmas with everyone I want to spend it with. There will inevitably be years in the future where there are people I wish were still around to see on Christmas. It’s high time to appreciate every single year that passes where I can still spend my favorite holiday with my favorite people.

I hope every one of my wonderful readers had a Christmas to remember!

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