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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

Where To Next

Here is a photo from my trip to Sedona last January…who knows what this year may bring!

Lately I have not written much about travel, and it’s bugging me probably just as much as it’s bugging you. I have not had much travel inspiration recently. I have spent the fall readjusting to life in school, and my new awesome job, I just have not had a lot of time to envision a trip to Europe or the Caribbean.

A greeting that has become standard for me is people saying, “Hey, how are you? WHERE’S YOUR NEXT TRIP!?” Don’t anyone get me wrong- I LOVE it. I adore being known as the Jetsetter friend, and it helps me recognize that when I have to say, “Actually, I don’t have anything coming up” too many times, than I need to get to planning.

So what IS my next trip? I just don’t know yet. Something always comes up in the form of the most amazing, unexpected surprise. Because of school, I am hedging my bets that I won’t be traveling anywhere until the year is out- which is fine with me. Between finals and Christmas, I don’t have any time or money to be spent on plane tickets. Not to mention, 2012 has been a record year for me- I traveled 25,000 miles this year alone! It was a major milestone, and I am very satisfied with the amazing things I saw this year.

The possibilities are endless!

I DO however hope to be going somewhere- god help me ANYWHERE- in January. I try to always take the opportunity to travel in January because I will have almost the entire month off from school. Traveling in January can be great depending on where you go. Traveling to the Caribbean can be tough unless you score a great deal, but traveling practically anywhere else can be really cheap. Last year we spent January on a road trip through Arizona and Nevada, and we had a blast. It was super cheap, and a great time to go. I am a little short on cash right now, but that has certainly never stopped me before!

This year, who knows what the travel gods will bring, but they always come knocking sooner or later… stay tuned!

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