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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Featured, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

How To Find Out What’s Going Down In New York City


One of my favorite New York Events I caught, the Elizabeth Taylor Christie’s Exhibit last December!

Someone recently was commenting on how I seem to be in the city all the time, and asked, “So when you go to New York, what do you DO?” I know a lot of people who had seen me at the Bethenny Frankel Cocktail Party were also asking how I get wind of such events.

The truth is, I am addicted to buzz! If something is a big deal, and everyone is talking about it, then I want to be there! Aside from always trying to stay on top of what the newest coolest thing is, though, I do tons of research. There are a lot of ways to find out what’s happening in NYC so that you never miss a beat!


The McQueen Exhibit will go down in Met history!!

My number one favorite New York Event research source is magazines. I am a total magazine junkie. While many pick up a Glamour on the news stand to read the cover star’s interview, you should always make sure to read the other articles or calendars that are often in the beginning of magazines that tell you what the haps are! Many of these magazines, Vogue, Glamour, Allure, they are all based in New York, so if there is some cool fashion exhibit, or an art exhibit you just can’t miss, you bet it will be in there. Every magazine reported endlessly on the Diana Vreeland documentary that you could only get tickets to in New York, as well as the Elizabeth Taylor Christie’s exhibit I went to last December. Check out magazines as a great source of what’s going on!


I heard about the Skinnygirl cocktail party in an advertisement in the Sunday Times!

If you aren’t big into fashion enough to buy a magazine, The New York Times is a great way to see what’s new, there are always reviews of new shows, restaurants, and the latest greatest event. I love picking up the Sunday New York Times to see what’s going down in my favorite city! The Skinnygirl Cocktail party was an event for the New York City Food and Wine Festival that I saw advertised in the New York Times.

For last minute events, Time Out New York is my staple website to get the last minute news. I cannot even count the number of times I have wanted to see what is going on in the city at the last minute, and consulted their website before I went. Time Out has a vast variety of suggestions for New York on the cheap, a date in New York, different festivals and parades that are happening. There is also an excellent feature on the website called ‘Five Things To Do Today’ on just daily ongoing in the city, and also ‘Your Perfect Weekend’ which chronicles the events going on all over the city for the entire weekend. Time Out is an incredibly comprehensive website that has become my New York bible.

In terms of web sources, it is always a good idea to check out the websites of the venues that you like in New York, to see if they have upcoming events. I recently went to the AMAZING Andy Warhol exhibit at the Met that is running until December, and I learned about it right from the Met’s website. (Read all about my trip HERE!) The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite New York landmarks, but I usually only go if there is a new exhibit.

This is a real thing, as is Sleep No More as seen on Gossip Girl! A lot of your favorite NYC-based shows really showcase the amazing things there are to do in the city!

Lastly, I would love to mention that television can be an amazing resource. A lot of television shows that take place in New York and showcase events that are really going on! That trapeeze school that Carrie Bradshaw goes to in the Sex and the City episode ‘The Catch’ IS real, it’s at the South Street Sea Port. In 2011 Gossip Girl featured a show that all the characters go to where they don masks and walk through a hotel watching a live show unfold– this is a real show called Sleep No More that is the hottest ticket in town.

Of course sometimes things happen through great cosmic luck- and you get tickets to see Chicago at the last minute and it turns out to be Christie Brinkley’s first week performing as Roxy Hart!

New York is a place filled with endless culture at every turn. It would be a shame not to seize every possible opportunity when you live next to the greatest city in the world! Don’t forget that you can always come here to see all of the exciting things that go on in New York too! I hope some of these resources will benefit you in planning your next trip to the Empire State!

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