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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Fashion Friday, Featured, Hollywood, Kardashians, Karl Lagerfeld, Weddings | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Alternative Celebrity Wedding Styles

Lately there have been a slew of celebrities getting married, which doesn’t seem unusual except that they have all been big, high-profile actresses, and they are all rocking an alternative style! The most recent and infamous one to come to mind is Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s recent Italian wedding where Biel wore a pink Giambattista Valli dress that made her look like a giant dollop of cotton candy.

I would have loved it on someone else. I have never been a fan of Biel, and for someone who (at every other opportunity) looks boring and athletic, she seems to be way overdoing it here, as if shouting while simultaneously walking down the aisle, “See! I deserve him! I can be FUN! I’M FUN!” Not. A. Fan. Also, the entire wedding just didn’t seem to have any cohesion. She wore this giant pink fun confection dress, but her wedding was in this romantic Italian locale, but she carried chamomile and wildflowers down the aisle, like WHAT? And I’m sorry, a man singing his bride down the aisle is weird, not romantic. There I said it.

Alternative Celebrity weddings Jessica Biel is certainly not the first celebrity to wear pink down the aisle. Gwen Stefani is the classic example, and her dress seems to convey everything I understand her to be. The dress that is dipped in pink looks perfect on her.

pink celebrity wedding dress, alternative celebrity weddings My favorite example of a bride wearing pink was the pale pink Lhuillier worn by Reese Witherspoon in her wedding to Jim Toth last year. Witherspoon is the portrait of a classy bride. The pink is very subtle, the shape is perfect, and she looks divine!

alternative celebrity weddings There also seems to be this new weird trend with brides wearing these unusual gigantic head pieces, I’m not sure I can get behind this. Anne Hathaway, however, looks amazing, head piece or not. I believe the dress also has shades of pale pink in it, but much more down-played than the other dresses.

alternative celebrity weddingThe head piece was just a bit too big. I would have liked to see what she would have done with her hair longer, and not the pixie cut she is wearing for Les Mis. As much as I want to hate on the dress, there is something so classic, romantic, and dramatic about it, I truly love it.

Another bride who wore this new alternative head piece look is Natalie Portman. It’s hard to talk trash about her because she looks SO happy, but I can’t help it. She looks like a woodland fairy. The cut of this dress makes her look even tinier than she already is, and she is wearing a wreath on her head for god’s sake! Ridiculous.

Alternative celebrity wedding dresses

alternative celebrity wedding stylesDrew Barrymoore was the other high profile actress to get married in the last year. Her dress was sweet. As in like, ‘aw, that’s sweet.’ Like how puppies and children are sweet. She could have looked better, but she was pregnant, really pregnant. I’ll let this one slide. I had hoped for the ultimate in goddess hippie chic, but she IS married to a man employed by Chanel, and Chanel does not do hippie chic. If you notice, she is also wearing a weird little gold tiara.

alternative celebrity weddings Maybe Kim Kardashian started this strange headpiece trend. We’ll never know.

celebrity wedding dressNot that this really fits in here, but in doing research for this post, I also came across the singer Pink’s wedding dress, which I had never seen before, and boy is it UGLY! I just had to say that. REALLL Ugly. She looks like she is running late to her quinceanera.

blake lively engagement ring

File this under: My favorite celebrity engagement ring of all time

The one dress I am just dying to see is Blake Lively’s. She may be a terrible actress, but the girl has style, not to mention a best friend like Christian Louboutin, and a husband like Ryan Reynolds. How one girl can get so lucky, heaven only knows! Her dress was probably out of this world amazing, but we may never see it! Until now we will just have to keep staring at that gigantic sparkler of an engagement ring!

I won’t give up hope though, remember that time that YEARS after their wedding we finally saw the teeniest glimpse of Beyonce’s wedding dress when she married Jay Z? That was a little gift from god to remind you never to give up!

Anne Hathaway wedding dressAnne Hathaway definitely wins for best wedding dress with her Valentino couture. What do YOU think? Comment below!

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