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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Featured, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Missing the Boat

And here is an actual picture of me with a boat, to warn you just how far I can take this analogy.

I have a confession to make: I am really afraid of missing the boat. Metaphorically, anyway.

Let’s dig in deep here, friends.

Lately, as I round out what is hopefully my last year of my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I have been thinking quite a lot about grad school.

And actually, for anyone thinking about getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I just want to give you a related word of warning: Unless you go in knowing exactly what you want to do with your degree, expect to hear ‘You’re going to go to Grad school then, right? Because you can’t do anything with a Psych degree’ from basically anyone you meet for the next four years, and I am talking friends, family, strangers off the street. Anyone.

Nevertheless, you might come to the conclusion that you DO want to go to graduate school by the end of your Psychology degree, because your professors might finally get around to talking to you about careers in Psychology, and there are many! So don’t be scared that there aren’t! The problem is choosing one…

I can literally pinpoint the beginning of my fear of missing the boat in life, and I am pretty sure it dates back to the time when I was maybe 8-9, and decided that I wanted to be an ice skater, as 9 year old girls often decide at one point or another. I was told by a relative (who shall remain nameless) that it was already too late, because ice skaters start training when they are much younger than I was.

At 5 years old, I had already missed the ice skater boat.

Since then, I have always been afraid that I will be trained in something, and that by training in that field, I will have slammed a million doors shut, and missed all the other boats. I know that this is irrational, but in my mind, by getting in my Psychology degree boat, I have chosen to let the Fashion Merchandising boat sail on without me. I have let the journalism boat leave the harbor. I am now going down the Psychology River Thames, if you will.

When I get to the next harbor in my Psychology boat, (how metaphorical I can make one blog post? Geeze.) I have to choose just one more ship and let all the rest pass. The idea is terrifying, honestly. I must be the only person that can find becoming qualified in one field absolute terror.

For example, I am toying with the idea of becoming a guidance counselor, a job I think I would be good at and would suit me. But the idea of then having spent thousands of dollars and ending up only being qualified to be a guidance counselor? The thought is incapacitating, only soothed by the inverse idea that I will have a nice title to use in my elevator speech at parties, “Oh, I am a guidance counselor at _____ High School. What do YOU do?”

What if I spend all that money and hate being a guidance counselor? What if I get really bored after ten years, or worse, two years? What if I end up swimming desperately upstream after the business degree or marketing boat?

I know it’s a little irrational, and I know that it’s never too late, and still…I am very afraid of missing the boat.

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