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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Beauty, Do It Yourself, Fragrance | 0 comments

Interior Design: Dream Vanity

There is something about designing a dream house in your mind that is both inspiring and joy-inducing. I think girls are over designing their dream closet, we all KNOW it would involve a huge walk in big enough to fit a giant ottoman in the center. Now the new thing is vanities, at least it is for me! This is made only more exciting because I will be getting a giant gorgeous vanity soon, so I have been looking to pinterest and tumblr for lots of inspiration!

Right now, I am loving white laquer with gold or silver accents. I love metallics.

I got pretty much all of these photos off tumblr! You can find some great ideas on there!

I have a really serious MAC makeup collection, so makeup will be of the utmost importance on my dream vanity.

I have had this picture saved on my computer for YEARS! Ever since I used to troll the MAC LIVE JOURNALS!



The specific vanity I am looking to get is from Ikea as seen above! I want the one in white! It has one giant drawer perfect for makeup, and is under $150.00!

Cake Plates are the new hott DIY vanity decorating tip!


How cute is this?

Pinterest has tons of cute ideas for decorating your vanity, the big thing currently is to use cake plates, or tiered desert plates for your jewelry or makeup odds and ends.

There are also tons of ideas for storing perfume, but nothing beats an old fashioned perfume tray. Perfume has never stopped being glamorous!

What does your dream vanity look like? Where do you get inspiration from?

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